35 signs he’ll never become your boyfriend

You need to stop trying!

Girls spend so much time fantasizing about their perfect guy that when the first guy who is sweet to them becomes one. It is important to know that there are thousands of guys who just want to have a short fling with the girls, and as soon as they feel like she is getting into him, bam! They vanish. So here are a few signs that might help you to understand early on if he’s going to stick around for long or not.

1. He does not share his personal details with you:

A guy who is definitely not planning to be your boyfriend is just interested in sex. You will know the way he likes it but you will not know the first thing about his favorite food. He will tell you how much he likes the physical relationship but will never get into a conversation that will lead to any kind of romance or intimacy.

Life with him will be like sex without foreplay. All the time, and you will know that he is not the kind of person who gets close to a girl from the very first date.

2. You are not the only one he is seeing:

He will constantly mention an ex-girlfriend who he cannot leave right away due to certain complications so he has to see her once in a while as well. It is obvious that he is not satisfied by only you so a few other girls are hanging around casually as well.

But he will have a good reason for every girl he is seeing with you because that is exactly what he says about you to others. And even if he treats you a wee bit differently from others, you are still his number, 3rd or 4th, because he cannot just live with one girl.

3. You come to his mind only when he is drunk:

He will never go out on a decent date with you. You will always come to his mind when he needs a place to crash because he is too drunk to drive all the way home or he is horny and wants some action.

You will expect him to call during the day and talk about sweet things or take you out on lunch but that will never happen because the ex-girlfriend lost her cat and is crying her eyes out, and only he can console her.

4. He is really not interested in your problems:

Every time you open a conversation about something serious that relates to you, he does not want to hear it. He does not care about your problems. He would call you boring or sissy, and your own problems will start to look silly in front of him.

He will tell you repeatedly how lucky you are to be with him, and you should not waste your time on unnecessary emotions and sentiments when all you can have is fun. The same is the case when you want to discuss your future. He is never bothered by anything serious that you mention and makes it obvious that he does not want to listen.

5. You are never invited to meet his family:

Every time he has to go to a wedding or a family get-together, he will not invite you to come along. He does not want his family to meet you and let them think that, God forbid he really likes you. You will yearn to go but will never get an opportunity.

He will get all awkward if you two run into any of his family members on the road and will keep the encounter as short as possible. Meeting family obviously means a huge step into his personal, normal life which you might not have seen as yet because he personifies all the time.

6. Even his friends would think you are a temporary thing:

Sometimes, just sometimes, he will actually feel good being you. He will kiss you and your hand but if he will see any of his friends approaching, he will drop the act immediately. He does not want anybody to think he actually enjoys being with you because then they will think it is something serious, and that is not what he has in mind.

All he wants with you is a good time which is without any kind of emotional bonding.

7. Taking a selfie together is a no-go:

He never takes a photo together and does not let you take one. He does not want any record of you two together because that causes complications, and he cannot bear that. So automatically, all his accounts on various social media websites are devoid of your face.

He certainly does not want anybody to know that you two are a thing, and no matter how you beg him to take just photos together, he says no with the explanation that you don’t look good together.

8. He never comments on your posts:

He does not even want your friends to know that he is into you, and if he really wants to talk to you on social media then he will message you privately. He will never comment on your posts and his Facebook status remains single even after he’s with you.

And if you ask him to change it then he talks his way out of it every single time because you are just for his entertainment.

9. You find his Snapchat story full of other girls:

He posts photos with other girls that he never even mentioned to you. And when you ask then he will say that those are his friends from the class or gym or any club. It is impossible to confront him and if you try to talk him into seeing lesser girls because you get uncomfortable then you are the one who is being conservative and old school.

10. On and off like a switch:

If he wants to, then he can become your best pal but you never know when he will go missing for weeks without any way to contact him. He will definitely come back when he wants you but when it’s time to hit another party, you will not see a sign of him for weeks.

11. You know he says the same things to other women as well:

He will occasionally say things to you that will sweep you right off the ground but you know that the way he is with words, he must have a lot of experience. He says all that to other women as well and there is a great chance that he does that even while he’s dating you.

12. You never go out to movies:

The world is out of your reach when you are with him. He will invite you to his house or come to yours but will not go to the movies or for shopping with you. You will feel as if he is protecting you from others but in reality, he just does not want anyone to see you with him because you are not the only one he is seeing at the moment.

13. Let’s hang out

He will never ask you out on a proper date. You will get a text every time he wants to see you and it will not even be an ask-out. He will settle you down for a pizza and coke and get down to the real business for which he wanted to see you.

14. You only know the way to his bedroom:

Every time you visit his house or apartment he takes you straight to his bedroom to show you something. You do not even know where his balcony or kitchen is and he makes sure you only stay until he is around. He will never leave you alone in his apartment because his fortress holds many secrets that he is never going to share with you.

15. No flirting in front of others:

He will never flirt with you in front of people. He will wait until you two are alone and then become all lovey-dovey but as soon as someone comes, he will pretend as if you two are just two normal friends hanging out casually.

16. No long-term planning:

Whatever plans he has in his mind regarding you are made just one night before. He never plans ahead of time or weeks before for you because that requires effort and attention, and apparently, you do not deserves that. Even if it is a plan for a whole day together, he will text you the night before and casually ask you as if it is not a big deal at all.

17. It is not a relationship:

Every time you ask him what he thinks of your relationship, he will say that he is still figuring it out. He will never tell you for certain what he thinks of the whole situation and if he really wants to label it. He will ask you to just go with the flow and enjoy because this time is not going to come back.

18. He never calls your name during your intimate moments:

Sex is the most intimate of all acts of love and if it lacks love, then it is just a mere physical act of pleasure. He will call you sweetheart or darling but will never take your name during sex because that proves closeness, and he does not want you to think that. Even if he is physically really close to you, his mind and heart are far away.

19. Prepares all the groundwork:

He often tells you how easily his friends cheat on their girlfriends and he never judges them because a man has a right to seek happiness as he wishes. This is all the groundwork he prepares if you ever catch him cheating on you.

20. His phone is more interesting than you:

Every time you are together, his focus is on his phone more than on you. He will find excuses to check his notifications messages and at one point, you will not be sure if you are the one he invited over to hang out or if it’s his phone.

21. Marriage is a waste of time, energy, and the life:

He often tells you how he hates monogamy and for him, marriage is just a trick to control a guy. He wants you to know that he loves to live free and hates responsibilities so that you know he is not planning for any kind of future with you.

22. He flirts with other women right in front of you:

He would pass attractive comments on the ladies around you and although you would be looking the other way, you know what he is doing. The worst part is he does not care about that and if you show the slightest emotion that you do not like what he is doing then you are the one who is backward and does not know how to enjoy.

23. No room for cuddling:

He will never sleep with you after you are done with the sex. He will sleep on the far corner of the bed, and even if you want to cuddle up to him, he will not let you. You will be always welcome to experiment with his genitalia but there is no room for any cute love or closeness. – 

24. He is manipulative:

Every time you two have a fight you end up being the bad guy even though he is at fault. He has this way of turning the whole conversation around and proves in the end that it is you who is the cause of the fight and not him. He will never let you point anything out on him because he wants to stay clean as long as he can.

25. Touching his phone is way out of the question:

He can have all the passwords to your phone but you will not even know the one that unlocks his phone. You cannot even look at it while he is using it unless you want to have a huge fight. He will constantly tell you how overprotective he is about his phone and privacy and will expect you to respect it regardless of the fact that does not respect yours.

26. Some days, you will wonder if he is still alive:

He can be so aloof sometimes that he will not even return your calls or reply to you anywhere. Even after your text and telling him that you are worried sick that something might have happened to him but still there will be no reply. And there will be no explanation afterward as well.

27. He cancels so many plans without explaining:

You will never get an explanation for why he cancels your plans. he will make a plan at the last minute and will cancel it as well if he wishes and he will do this without ever explaining and if you ask, then he will just seem so irritated that you will stop because you will know that it’s not worth it.

28. He still has feelings for his ex:

He will drop in a comment about his ex now and then in such a dreamy way that you will know he still has feelings for her. What’s worse is that you know he will never talk about you the same way he talks about her, and it will just break your heart every time.

29. He never pays for your meals:

Every time you are out and you buy a meal, he never even offers to pay. He will wait for you to pay for your meal and will then even take a bite from it because he can. In fact, when it is time to pay, he will keep himself busy with something so that you will know that you have to pay yourself.

30. He never buys you any gifts:

He never spends on you in any way. He will pretend to have forgotten your birthday, and if not that, then some kind of emergency stopped him from getting a present for you. Another excuse for such a guy is that they never what is the perfect gift to buy for a girl, and they will mask it all with fake compliments and praises that you don’t need any gifts because you are perfect.

31. He lies a lot.

And you know that. You catch him lying about small things almost all the time but he does not care. He keeps lying about pointless stuff and expects you to either believe it or get used to it.

32. He is still friends with that girl you hate:

Although you have clearly told him how much you hate that girl, and he has said it a million times that he will not talk to her, he still does and you know that. Every time you ask him why he was seen with her, he just makes a lame excuse and cuts his way out of the conversation.

He does not like it when you prohibit him from doing something and does not bother that something upsets him.

33. He ignores the little gestures:

Anything you do to make him happy goes ignored by him. You cut your hair the way he likes, you cook something special for him, and you paint your nails with his favorite color, but nothing impresses him. He does not even notice that you are doing these little things for him, and if you tell him then he reacts like it’s no big deal.

34. You are crazy if you think you two are something serious:

He simply calls you crazy if you try to show him that your relationship might be getting serious, and when you tell him that he is the one who is leading you on then he simply says that he is that way, and it does not mean that they are a couple. Commitment scares him very easily and he would be running to the hills if you ever got too serious.

35. He doesn’t value you enough:

Even though he knows that you are something special and different from others, he still would not label your relationship. He will try to keep you as far away from his friends and family as he can. He will not compliment you enough and make you feel special enough. He will keep you happy enough so you don’t run away but will never let you know that you might mean something amazing to him.

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So these are a few signs to look out for when you are dating someone because you are special and you deserve the best. Have you noticed any or all of these signs? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I have noticed many of these things. I’m a gay man and it’s the same whither you are a girl involved with a guy or a guy involved with another guy. I’m even bet it’s the same thing if you’re a woman involved with a woman. These signs show that they’ll never become yours. At least not completely yours.

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