4 Clear Signs That Your Ex Hasn’t Gotten Over You Just Yet

Moving on is a serious issue. And sometimes, it’s just harder for other people to move on from a breakup.

Breakups are tough. But what a lot of people don’t realize about breakups is that they are power plays as well. Breakups are deliberate power plays between two people who are trying to gain as much control possible over an unfortunate situation.

Even if you’re not particularly fond of playing that game, it still exists. How are you after your breakup with your ex? How exactly are you dealing with the situation? Are you tackling it in a healthy and mature manner? Hopefully you are.

Breakups are difficult ordeals because of the whirlwind of emotions that are involved with them. When two people fall in love and grow attached to one another – they do so voluntarily and willingly. They get closer and closer to one another with the assumption that things are going to turn out fine for the both of them.

However, things don’t always turn out exactly as planned. And you don’t necessarily have full control over how your relationship is going to turn out because there are so many parameters that you need to take into consideration as well. And that’s why couples breakup.

Sometimes, it’s really just beyond their control. There are so many things that go into what makes a relationship work – and a lot of these things are beyond a person’s grasp. And that’s why people end up breaking up. But whenever a breakup takes place, it’s not a clean cut. It’s not like the feelings will go away just because a relationship ends. Even long after a breakup takes place, the feelings can remain. And that’s when it can get really complicated.

If you feel like you’re moving on in a healthy manner after your breakup, then that’s great. Good for you. You are moving on with your life. You are moving on to bigger and better things. However, what if your ex isn’t exactly moving on at the same pace as you are? What if your ex is still kind of hung up on you? What are you supposed to do in that situation? What does this mean for you in your breakup?

It happens way too often. A lot of us are just conditioned to believe that the expression of our feelings is a blatant sign of weakness and we must never give in. We are taught to think the stronger our feelings are, the weaker our personalities are as well. And so you will never know how your partner is feeling after the breakup because they would never admit to you what’s inside their hearts.

However, that can be dangerous. Because it’s highly possible that your ex might still have feelings for you; and everything that they’re doing is concentrated on trying to win you back. And you have to be aware of these advances if you want to put a stop to them. Otherwise, they’re just going to continue.

You can’t necessarily blame an ex for still being hung up on you after a breakup. Moving on and getting over is a struggle – and it’s not a task that all people are going to be up for. But of course, it would be acceptable for you to ask what your responsibility is to your ex. You don’t have to be responsible for how they feel about now that you’ve broken up, right? But oh, you are still responsible for how you respond to their feelings about you.

You are still responsible for how you will choose to handle a situation like this. You are still responsible for how things are going to play out between the two of you. And that’s why it’s still important for you to pay attention to how your ex may be feeling about you now that you’ve broken up. So make sure that you are able to spot out the signs that your ex still hasn’t moved on from you.

1. They still constantly monitor your moves on social media.

They still try to keep tabs on you. They’re still so hung up on you that they want to be constantly updated on the goings-on of your life.

2. They deliberately try to bump into you randomly while trying to make it seem coincidental.

They will try to make it seem like they’re only bumping into you by accident – but the truth is that they’re planning these things. It’s borderline stalker-behavior already.

3. They will still stay in contact with the people in your social circle.

They will still want your friends to update them on what’s going on with your life. It’s their way of making sure to stay on top of what you’re doing after your breakup.

4. They will find whatever excuse to reach out to you.

They still want to connect with you somehow. They still want to maintain their place in your life even though you desperately want them to move on already. They will do whatever they can to catch your attention.

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  1. Yes, very true. And they will force you to see them even after saying that you have moved on. This is based on my own experience. He would behave as though I will change my mind if he cries over voice messages.

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