4 Signs You’ve Found Your Future Husband

The older we become, the more we start to value the things in life that actually matter, and we begin to choose these things over the superficiality of materialistic things. It’s because with age comes maturity and with maturity, we start to realize that while money, power, a huge house, cars, parties all such things are not what can make a human being feel complete. What completes us sentient beings is true love, trust, the feeling of being wanted, being looked after, and being valued. Love is what keeps us going. Feeling like we’re being safeguarded by the people who love us and who we love is what gives us the strength to deal with whatever difficulties life may throw at us.

Being loved is a blessing. It’s the best feeling in the world, but there’s a blessing even bigger than feeling love and it, finding the right person to love and who loves you. When you’re genuinely in love with someone, you can’t imagine spending a life that they’re not a part of, in which you can’t share your experiences, your moments of happiness and sadness with them. But, life can be tricky. How do you make sure that the person you share the rest of your life with is in fact, the right person for you? How do you find an answer to this: are they the one you were meant to love and live with? Are they the right one for you?

You will find yourself asking yourself whether you’ve indeed found the man you should marry and stay with because, well, marriage is a huge deal, you want to be careful and go in the right direction. No one wants to marry the wrong kind of a man and either try to adjust with him or end up in a divorce. Those are traumatic experiences that not a single woman wants to go through. While you can’t know these things for sure, and there’s guarantee about the future, there are still some signs a woman can read and decide whether he’s the one she should be tying the knot with or not. Here are things that will tell you you’ve found your future husband.

1. You are who you are around him:

Most women have a past record of getting into a relationship with a man who never really accepted us for who she truly was. Women know what it feels like to carry the weight of being someone else around the man she’s dating because he doesn’t have enough love for her to accept her for who she is indeed is. Feeling unwanted and rejected for your real self is something no one deserves to go through. Which is why, when you’re in a relationship with a man who makes you feel entirely comfortable with being just the way you are around him, you don’t have to put on a show in front of him. He loves you for your good side, your bad and everything in between, congratulations! You’ve hit the jackpot. This is the right man not to mention, your future husband.

2. He’s your happy place:

This man is your calm after a storm he’s your rainbow after a rainy day. He is your safe haven, the reason behind your smile, your comfort zone, all in all, he’s the one you run to after a rough day. You just want to be in his arms when you’re worked up, stressed out, unhappy or upset because he makes you forget all about your struggles and he makes you feel like you’ll never be alone through any of them. If you feel sheltered this way, you’ve found yourself your future husband. Spending your life with a man who stands by you through it all, whose love makes you feel stronger is the man who you should marry because you deserve no less.

3. He is the best listener:

He really listens to what you have to say. He never makes you feel like what you’re saying is boring, unimportant or none of his business. He pays attention instead of replying with “ohs,” “mhmms” or “yeahs.” he gives you advice, he answers your questions with interest and to him, your words hold value. If this man is always interested in everything you’re doing and saying, he really cares about you. He’s the right guy.

4. Your happiness is his priority:

Coming across a man who finds his joy in yours is a very, very gift from above. Not all people will be happy when you’re happy. But, if this guy loves you so much that his prime source of happiness is your happiness, your satisfaction and comfort then don’t ever let him go. Marry him!

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