4 Legitimate Reasons Why Guys Won’t Commit To A Relationship

For the guys who have commitment issues…

It is a known fact that guys usually have more issues committing than girls. This is not just because they are passing time with you or getting serious isn’t their thing. We all know that commitments are not easy to make. Especially when it is a huge step, such as moving in together or getting engaged. Guys usually freak out when the subject of marriage comes up but once they get their head clear, they are more determined than girls.

So, for those guys who have commitment issues, here are some reasons why they may be so common:

1. He is still a baby:

Getting a driving license because you have turned 18 and acting actually like a grown-up are two very different things. So many times, it happens that the guy still does not want to know how to be an adult. And it’s not an easy thing to do, to be honest, getting all the responsibilities of a job and paying for meals. At this stage, getting into a serious relationship that requires some kind of secure bonding is hard to follow through. This is certainly not because the guy does not love the girl or does not care enough.

So, until he does not get his head clear for what he wants to do and where he wants to live, he definitely cannot and should not take a decision.

2. She is still a baby:

It’s not always the guy to be blamed. Sometimes, the female partner does not want to rush into things and take it slow. We all know that it is not just the guy who has to choose a career and find a job and get stable. It goes both ways. If she does not consider herself stable enough to take a big step, nothing will motivate her to do so. So it is natural that the guy will not take a final decision until the girl figures out what she has to do because if they really move in together and then she decides to change her field and the whole set up needs to be changed, then that will cause a problem.

It is harder for guys to readjust than girls, so he will advise you not to take the big step until you have planned your life through. Of course, it does not mean that he is not sincere with you, in fact he is, which is why he wants the best for you and the relationship.

3. He wants to wait for a permanent flow of income:

Finance is a huge consideration. Two people cannot live together until they have a steady career and get their monthly pay checks. Even if you move in together, the next step to be taken requires a lot of responsibilities. Marriages are costly these days and just because the guy wants to make his girl feel special and proposes without thinking about how much he can spend from his bank balance, it will all go down in the dumps.

Sure, proposing is a sweet thing and compromising is even sweeter but once you are actually there, the whole process requires much more financial aid than you ever thought. So it is wise to get stable enough first to have the required money in your account which you spend without having to live hand to mouth afterwards.

Most of the problems that couples have to face afterwards are related to money, so isn’t it better to think the whole thing through and plan wisely?

4. He’s not that type:

We are talking about all kinds of guys here. There are many cases where guys tell their girls directly that they are not the serious commitment type and in the start, it all goes smoothly but then the girls find it hard to digest. If a guy is being upfront about his values, then the girl needs to respect that and take a step accordingly. There is absolutely no point in hanging on to a relationship that you two do not agree upon.

If you think you can be the type of girl who also cannot commit, then sure, go ahead. But if you are not, then step right back and find someone who can give what you want. It is perfectly normal for everyone to express their wishes and tell their partners what they expect of them. And if the guy is not what you thought he would be, you will get separated. But isn’t that better than having unreasonable arguments on something that he will never ever agree upon?

It should be kept in mind that relationship is a two-way process and both partners are equally responsible to decide what’s best for them and their future.

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