4 Real Signs That Your Partner Is Faithful And Loyal To You

There are plenty of psychologists all over the world who think that when women cheat on their partners, it’s probably because there is a sense of emotional unfulfillment in the relationship. And men are typically expected to cheat whenever they feel like their needs aren’t being met. But then, regardless of whatever reasons or motivations they might have to cheat, it’s never going to be justifiable or excusable behavior.

Cheating is always going to be wrong regardless of the circumstance that surrounds it. There is never going to be a situation or a scenario wherein it is okay to be unfaithful to a partner in a relationship. It is one of the most absolutely traumatizing experiences you could ever put another person through. There are very few feelings in this world that hurt as much as finding out that you have a partner who has cheated on you. The sheer weight and impact of betrayal can really scar and wound a person for life.

The truth is that it’s not just the “cheating” aspect of it that’s the problem. Whenever someone cheats in a relationship, it’s a serious breach of trust. There is so much deceit and lying that is going on when trying to maintain an affair that it can dramatically compromise the intimacy in a relationship. The person who is being cheated on will actually find it really difficult to trust their partner again even if they really want to. And it won’t just be in terms of loyalty wherein they will doubt their partners. They will begin to doubt everything that their partner will tell them and that’s just no way to sustain a relationship at all.

That’s why it’s always important that you are able to find for yourself a partner who you can really count on. You will always want to be in a relationship with someone who is going to give you a sense of safety and security. You want a partner who is never going to make you feel like you always have to be on your toes. You want to feel comfortable and confident in your relationship. And a bulk of that relies on having a partner who you know would never stray from the path; someone who wouldn’t have the audacity to actually cheat on you.

But how do you know for sure? How do you know if you can feel safe around your partner? Well, there are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for. If the following descriptions actually apply to your relationship, then that means you’re lucky. It’s likely that you have a really loyal and faithful partner who would never want to betray you. So, how many of these characteristics apply to your partner?

1. They always stay honest with EVERYTHING.

They never really shy away from telling you the truth. They would always make sure to stay honest with you about everything – from the littlest things to the biggest things. They wouldn’t even settle for telling you white lies. They just respect you way too much to lie to you. They will always know that you are mature enough to handle the truth regardless of how much it might hurt or inconvenience you. They are even willing to tell you the truth even if it gets them into trouble.

2. They have cut all ties with previous lovers.

They understand that they can’t really have a fruitful and sustainable relationship with you unless they break away from their previous relationships. That’s why they always make it a point to cut (or at the very least, minimize) the ties that they have with their ex. They do so not because they are carrying any ill feelings towards their exes. They do so only out of respect for you.

3. They act selfless and generous all the time.

They are always going to act selfless and generous around you. Now, you might be thinking what this has to do with loyalty and faithfulness. Well, if you have a partner who is so selfless and generous, that means that they would always stay mindful of your feelings. That means that they would never want to do anything that might hurt your feelings. They would always put your feelings above their own selfish needs.

4. They always try to keep you informed and updated about their life.

They always make it a point to make you feel updated and involved in their life. They would never shut you out. They would never withhold information from you. They would willingly volunteer information about their daily life for you so that you can always be at ease.

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