4 Reasons Honest Men Give To End It

It truly takes a lot of strength to face a problem and end it. Not many people do it. The easier and the most common way of dealing with the problem is to suddenly disappear so you don’t have to deal with it at all.

Living an honest life takes effort. It requires a decision to pursue it and some action steps to get it started. Also, being honest often makes you appear as an insensitive person but that is just how you might appear to others. You truly know the value of being honest.
Honesty is a powerful tool and like most tools, it can be used for both good and evil. It can be used to bring about a good change in someone’s life or it can easily tear someone down.

We often misunderstand the reasons honest men give for anything in the relationship. Their opinions might be too straightforward and not honey-coated, that’s why they might pinch us a bit but if you try and look deeper into their intentions, you will find nothing but purity.

Such honest people care about you too much to ever lie to you, they think like they owe their honesty to their partners and if they are not doing that, it is as good as cheating on them. Even if you two are parting ways, they will always give the right reason for it and not just say ˜I am not good for you’ or ˜ you are too good for me’ just to escape the whole situation without breaking hearts or shedding tears. They will face the situation and give the real reason for it.

To understand them better, here is why they always man up and give a reason to leave.


They don’t like uncertainty because they know uncertainty means hope for the future and that might further cause disappointment for one or both of them. They believe in burning down all the boats so there is no other way but to go ahead and move on.

Also, they want to be upfront so both sides understand that it is never one person’s fault. It takes a lot of guts to do that.


They want things to be clear on both sides. They aren’t real fans of blaming each other for the things that happened to them. They will accept where they are wrong because they know they are human and can make mistakes too, unlike all of us who try and balance our every wrong action as a reaction to something our partners did.

To let go of your ego, when you are hurt many times in the relationship, and to accept your fault is a true quality of an honest man.В And honesty isn’t very common in today’s world.


No matter how the relationship was like, they cared about you and they take it as their duty to give you a real reason before they leave. They believe they owe that much to you. They would never leave you hanging in between thinking what went wrong and where.В Honest men will always have the guts to say goodbye and they will not just disappear from facing the problem.


Even though you both have gone through your own bit of turmoil, they will still respect for the times both you shared. They will never disrespect the good memories you had by leaving like a coward or like someone who wanted to run away.

They will respect the fact that there are a few explanations to be given and few to be listened to. They are fair in their dealing because they know the pain of having loopholes in your past.В They take it as their duty to free you from them when they free you from the relationship.

I believe it is a thin line that honest men walk on and we should still try and appreciate if they show us a bit of honesty, obviously, it is impossible to think like that when you are going through a breakup but at least he had the courtesy to show up for a final goodbye than disappearing or breaking up over a text message (or blocking you from everywhere like a fifteen-year-old child).

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