4 Reasons It’s Better To Be Single Than To Be In The Wrong Relationship

Breakups are always going to be tough. There’s no getting around it. Whenever we get into relationships, we always have a tendency to get our hopes up. It’s normal for us to carry certain expectations whenever we fall in love with people. We idealize and romanticize these people in our heads. We place our relationships on pedestals and we always hope for the best. No one ever really goes into a relationship thinking that eventually, things are going to come to an end. The beginnings of relationships are always going to be full of life, love, and hope.

However, reality has a way of just bringing people back down to earth after the initial high of a relationship. Love isn’t so simple, you see. It’s not enough that you love a person for a relationship to work. There are so many variables that go into making things work in a relationship and it’s more than just saying “I love you” to one another on a daily basis. There needs to be respect, loyalty, commitment, compatibility, effort, and a lot of good luck for a relationship to work out. It’s not just about love. And all it takes is for one of these things to go wrong to completely throw the relationship off its rails. In those moments, it’s important that we are able to recognize the dysfunction of it all and just walk away.

And yet, the problem persists. There are just so many people who stay in relationships even when these aren’t necessarily the right relationships for them. Why? Well, the answer isn’t always simple. A lot of people stay in the wrong relationships for so many different reasons. Some people are just afraid of being alone and they believe that being in the wrong relationship is better than being single. Some people are just convinced that they are still going to be able to make things work even when all the evidence says otherwise. Some people just don’t realize the benefits of walking away from a wrong relationship and so they choose to stay with what’s familiar because they think they would be more comfortable there.

Whatever the case, it’s always important that we muster up the strength and courage to walk away from the things that just aren’t meant for us. We must always stay honest with ourselves. We must always be willing to acknowledge whenever it just isn’t the right fit. And don’t let fear get to you. Yes, it can be scary to walk away from a relationship. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the right thing to do. In fact, if you need to be convinced as to why it’s better for you to be single than it is for you to stay in a dysfunctional relationship, then read on:

1. You get to come to terms with who you really are as a person.

Sometimes, it takes being outside of a relationship to discover who you really are as an individual. You really have to take this opportunity to get to know yourself better. And you can’t do that when all of your energies are focused on trying to salvage an impossible situation.

2. You get the chance to heal the emotional wounds that you have as a result of the relationship.

Being in a relationship that is wrong for you is going to inflict a lot of emotional wounds on you. And you are never going to be able to heal these wounds unless you actually take a step back and detach yourself from that situation entirely.

3. You get to branch out and explore your social life outside of your relationship.

When you get into a relationship with someone on a very intimate and romantic scale, your social circle will tend to shrink. And that’s fine. That’s part of the territory. However, when you actually muster up the courage to walk away from your relationship, then you give yourself an opportunity to branch out. You get to enlarge your social circle once more.

4. You get to realize just how strong you really are on the inside.

When you are forced to walk away from a relationship, you are really forced to come to terms with who you are as a person. And that’s not going to be easy. You are going to be facing a lot of self-doubt and insecurity. You are going to question yourself a lot. It’s going to feel like all of the odds are stacked against you. And that’s when you get to really discover what you’re made of. That’s when you will realize just how strong you really are because you have no other choice. And realizing your own strength can be both a very humbling and liberating experience that we all need to go through as human beings.

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