4 Reasons Why It’s Important For You To Always Talk About Your Feelings

A lot of us are actually guilty of this all of the time. We keep our feelings bottled up inside until we get overwhelmed and they all just end up bursting out of us. Sometimes, there are going to be a few instances in your life wherein you won’t feel safe to really open up and expose your emotions to the world around you. And you might think that it’s not really that big of a deal for you to be holding your feelings in like that, you have to know that it can have very severe repercussions if you let it go too far.

When left unchecked, having suppressed feelings and allowing them to fester within your system can lead to an implosion of catastrophic proportions. And that’s why it’s always important for you to understand the value of being able to express and convey your feelings in a very healthy manner.

But if you’re still skeptical, then you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to highlight 4 important reasons for you to always be speaking your truth to those who are willing to listen:

1. Expressing yourself prevents miscommunication.

Here’s the thing, any form of dishonesty can be direly detrimental to any kind of intimate relationship. And make no mistake about it, keeping your true thoughts and feelings bottled up inside is a very deliberate form of dishonesty. When you are in a deep relationship with someone, you will always want to convey your true feelings – regardless if they’re uncomfortable to express or not.

You don’t want to keep the people around you in the dark. That’s the fastest way to mislead people into treating you in ways that you don’t want to be treated. You always have to be clear about where you stand so that you are able to be on the same page with the people you are interacting with. Failing to speak your mind can lead to disastrous situations that involve very real miscommunication.

2. Opening yourself up lowers the stress in your life.

Stress is one of the most prominent killers in the world. It can seriously deteriorate a person’s body, mind, and soul. And that’s why you always want to make it a point to relieve stress in whatever way you can. One of the most effective methods of stress-relief in the world is being able to express yourself on an emotional level. When you are harboring all of your feelings deep down inside of you, that’s extra baggage on your part.

Think of bottled up feelings as extra weights and loads that you are lugging on your shoulder as you make your way through this life. All of that extra baggage is going to bog you down and make everything a little more challenging for you. That’s why it’s always important to unload a lot of this toxic and unnecessary baggage whenever you get the opportunity to do so. It’s all for your own sake after all. You always want to be looking after your own physical, emotional, and mental well-being. You owe that to yourself.

3. You will grow to learn who the important people in your life really are.

Honesty can be very polarizing. And when you speak your heart’s truth, not everyone is going to be willing to hear you out or listen to you. And while that can be scary and disheartening at first, think of it as a tool that you can use to your advantage. When you are truly honest with yourself and those who are around you, then you are able to really figure out who the most important people in your life really are.

When you say what’s really in your heart, those who matter are always going to stick around to hear you out and really make you feel safe in your expression. And the people who don’t matter are going to reveal themselves by not really paying you any mind even when you’re clearly deserving of it. You should always be able to value the people who make you feel safe to express yourself however you see fit.

4. You will have an improved sense of self-acceptance.

When you really make a decision to tell other people how you feel without having to censor anything, then you’re going to feel an immense self of pride in yourself. You are going to feel more confident. You are going to be more accepting of who you are because you will be forced to really confront the truth about yourself.

And sometimes, a lot of people will be lying to themselves in an effort to stay comfortable. However, you know that real growth only happens when you keep it real and you confront the parts of yourself that you don’t really like. That’s all part of self-acceptance and self-development.

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