4 Reasons Why Some Guys Don’t Want Relationships And Only Want Sex

Any straight or bisexual woman who has spent any time be it short or long dating or even getting to know a man would know that men work is utterly confusing ways. They have a mind of their own which functions nothing like the minds of women and although that may have sounded as the most obvious statement ever, on a day to day basis these difference can really come in the way of a man and woman who are trying their luck with each other.

In the realm of relationships, love, marriage, commitments, and promises men seem to the trophy for being super complicated and confusing. There are things that men do while they’re dating that women will sometimes just fail to grasp. One such thing is being friends with benefits, having one night stands and mainly looking for sex without a relationship or even short-term dating.

Don’t get me wrong. There are tons and tons of women who feel the same way about sex; they’d rather have it with someone without dating them or being in love with them, but we all know that men have done this far more often than women. So, why is that? Being a woman, have you ever come across a man who will just shut down all kinds of attempt a woman makes to get him to date her? A man who just walks into the room with a woman with the intention of sex and ONLY sex? He has zero desire of getting to know her or considering a serious relationship with her. The answer to why men have the kind of behavior that hints that commitments issues, disloyalty or playing around with women are simple and obvious, actually, it’s been right under your nose all along.

After a certain period of time into crossing paths with a man, a woman may consider how she should be playing her cards to successfully get to fate him in case she’s super interested in him. How this move is reciprocated by the man depends on his maturity level and what he’s looking for in a woman. If he’s not looking for anything except for getting laid. If that puts you off, upsets you or baffles you then worry not, read on and find out why men tend to look for a no-strings-attached kind of a scene so often.

1. He can’t handle responsibilities

A man who’s the kind who wants just sex from a woman can’t handle or carry out the duties of a committed man. Relationships come with a truckload of responsibilities, and it’s no surprise that there are millions of men out there who just can not keep up with all those obligations in a relationship. These men are the kind who will get bored quickly and to who making a relationship work will come off as a lot of work.

2. Because he can’t keep his promises

Okay, this one happens ALL THE TIME. He has commitment issues. He can’t keep the promises he makes. He wanders off track and ends up cheating. He can’t remain loyal, faithful, honest and committed. He’s not about that type of life. He’d instead go from woman to woman, get what he wants from them and just leave. That’s a huge reason why men prefer sex with just about anyone over relationships with that one particular person because deep down, they know they won’t want to have sex with the same person over and over for the rest of their lives. They want way more than just that.

3. Because its easier than relationships

Relationships are not easy. They can be demanding. The going can get tough. Things between a couple can get complicated. Not every man is ready to take on that kind of pressure. Some men will just snap when they’re put through all sorts of things with their partner in a relationship. They will not have it in them to hold on and make it work. Men like that are very prone to just leaving and breaking p with their girlfriends. That’s also why they get this rap of being sex-centric. They prefer sex with no strings attached because of its way more comfortable than a relationship. Sleep with a girl one night, leave the next morning and repeat that cycle with a different girl every time. Sounds much more convenient than a relationship, doesn’t it?

4. Because it feels good

It’s beautiful to have that one particular person in your love wh you love and who you can have sex with for the rest of your life. Yea, not all men agree to that idea. Some men want sex without a relationship because they’re not tied to anyone, they’re not accountable for any of there actions, and sex like that feels real, really good to most men.

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