4 Reasons You Have Found The Woman You Will Marry

Put a ring on it!

The most confusing question that we ask ourselves a little too often Is she the one? All our relationships eventually revolve around this question. We meet so many great women in our lives, sometimes things work out between us and sometimes they don’t. Even though they are great, not just great, often they are too perfect. Yet, things still don’t work out. Their perfection isn’t a reason enough for you to marry them.

Many a times, people who might seem imperfect to others can be the One for you. So what is that thing really that clicks between two people? Here are a list of things that will only happen to you if you have found the one you will marry


Whether it is a past relationship or a memory that has effected you deeply and badly, you both can open up to each other. You don’t shy away from saying out loud your true feelings, the feelings that have stayed unheard and unspoken for years and years.

You are no more afraid to take off that armour of stubbornness and rigidness. You can even break into tears because you know that this is the person who is meant to know all of this and someone who is meant to stay.


There is no charm in any of the girls you know or see. All you can think about is this one person. The charm they have for you is incomparable. That is the undying charm between a couple.

The same charm and feel are the core things that keeps two people together forever. It is COMPLETELY normal to like another person even if you are dating or you might just be checking someone out even though you are committed. That’s not how it is when you find the one. The true feeling of love with this perfect one will not let you think or see someone else because she, herself, will be the most perfect thing for you.


You want to consult them when it comes to things about your future your job, moving in, whatever because you honestly value their opinion (and because you want to share that future with them). They have become your go-to person. Consciously or subconsciously, you have made them a part of your own self and your life. You have started depending on them physically and emotionally.

Depending on someone is the ultimate level of trust. When you reach that level, you have actually acknowledged another person as a part of you.


She does not expect you to be one hundred percent all of the time. She loves you for your flaws because those flaws make you who you are. In fact, at times, you might not like a certain thing about your appearance but they would love it.

Basically, you connect with her in a way that makes you come alive. You can’t exactly put your finger on it but you know there is something about this woman that is irresistible. In that very moment, you will realise this person and their worth. When you do, you will never find someone better, this woman deserves to be yours, forever. Hold on to her, through thick and thin.

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Men, have you found the woman of your dreams? What was the first tell sign that made you realise it? Let me know in the comments below, and as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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