4 Relationship Milestones That Could Actually Be Damaging Your Relationship

Four scary milestones, which one have you crossed and stayed happy?

There are somevery common ways by which couples can actually wreck their relationships. A fewexamples would be acting all crazy and paranoid by checking each other’smessage and call history, dropping the idea of marriage way too early on in arelationship, or by engaging in infidelity. We’ve all seen how these instanceshave been used and abused by Hollywood in making for entertaining romanticcomedies. The thing is, these problems are too clich that a lot of couplesdon’t really fall into the trap of committing these faults anymore.

The mostprominent relationship breakers are the silent and subtle ones. These are thekillers that a lot of couples don’t give much thought to until they’re actuallythere to experience it. People rarely ever make the mistake of bringing uptheir exes during conversations anymore. People have grown to be much smarterthan that. No. The real relationship breakers are less subtle. They areactually really tricky to spot because they disguise themselves as importantlife milestones. While these milestones may not necessarily be a bad thing fora relationship, they can potentially be a cause for lots of trouble if you’renot careful with it. Here are a few examples:

1. You move away from each other.

Distance is never easy to deal with. That’swhy a lot of long-distance relationships will crash and burn even though thelove shared between those couples is real. People have got to realize that lovejust isn’t enough to sustain a relationship on its own. Yes, it is much easierto be in a long-distance relationship now with all our technologicaladvancements and gadgets. We can just about get in touch with any person in theworld with just a touch of a finger. But despite these marvels in connectingpeople, nothing could ever beat the physical presence of a person in your life.Again, moving away isn’t necessarily going to be a relationship breaker. Thereare lots of couples that survive long distances. But it definitely doesn’t helpyour chances; in fact, it deteriorates them greatly.

2. You accept a promotionat work.

At face value, a promotion is always goingto be seen as a good thing; a great thing, in fact. And for the most part, itis. It’s the manifestation of all the time and effort that you’ve devoted intoyour job. It’s the result of all the hard work and the sleepless nights thatyou’ve invested into your career. You should rejoice at having your effortsfinally pay off with a promotion. You are now given more responsibilities andhigher compensation to match it. You see this as a big stepping stone to moveyour career along further. You are one step closer to achieving all the dreamsyou set for yourself. But what you don’t know is that the more you devoteyourself to your career, the less you will be devoting yourself to your relationship.Not to say that you shouldn’t be taking that promotion when the opportunitypresents itself to you. You should just know that you can’t exactly devoteyourself more into one aspect of your life without compromising another. – Continue reading on the next page

3. You get married.

You can go ahead and look up the statisticsof married couples who end up getting divorced. Now, not to say that you arealso bound for failure when you choose to marry the one you love. You canalways be an outlier. You have the potential to be one of the lucky few. Butthe statistics don’t lie. The laws of probability dictate that when you getmarried, it is also highly likely that you will end up getting a divorce. Whatyou have to do is make sure that you are aware of the implications of marriagebefore you dive into it. You have to know from the start that it’s not going tobe a smooth sail. You will have a few bumps in the road. You will stumble a fewtimes. You will want to strangle your partner for the most part of it. But ifyou love each other enough and if you’re willing to put a lot of effort intomaking things work, then you have a shot at surviving. But if you go into amarriage thinking that everything is going to be pure bliss, then reality isgoing to knock you to the ground without mercy.

4. You share a bankaccount.

Finances are always a tricky situation.People will be clich and say that money doesn’t really matter in arelationship. These people are wrong. It’s virtually impossible for people tohave a comfortable life in this modern age without acknowledging the importanceof money. If you want to get into a relationship with a person, you must bothhave very mature understandings about your finances. When you choose toactually share your money with your partner, then you both have to be veryresponsible and discerning. You are essentially minimizing the margin of errorthat you can make with your financial decisions. Financial trouble is one ofthe leading causes of turmoil and problems in any relationship. 

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