4 Signs He Only Sees You As An Option, But Not A Priority

You know that old cliché, right? You should always be someone’s priority, and you should never really allow yourself to be an option. And it’s so easy to eat a cliché like that up when you first hear it. You never really believe that you would ever find yourself in that position. You tell yourself that you would never entertain a guy who is only going to be stringing you along like a lapdog.

You say that you are always going to hold on to your dignity and that you would never give up your self-respect for the possibility of being loved by someone. It’s so easy to say and believe all of those things. But you can never really prepare yourself for when you’re in the actual situation.

When you fall in love, your reason is compromised. Love is such a powerful feeling, and that isn’t always going to be a good thing. Sometimes, love can be so powerful to the point that it actually impairs your thinking and your rationality. There will be times wherein your love can drive you to the point of desperation wherein you become blind to the things that you need to stay mindful of. And this is a real problem because you end up letting other people treat you in ways that you shouldn’t be letting people treat you. This is exactly what happens to a lot of women who find themselves in relationships with men who only treat them like options and not a priority.

This is precisely why you always have to make it a point to stay mindful and aware of how your man is treating you. You want to be keeping close tabs on the ins and outs of your relationship. Even though you might be tempted to have your feelings just completely take over you, you need to be better than that.

It’s important that you maintain a sense of objectivity so that you are able to get a good grasp of how your man might truly feel about you. If you notice that your man is actually guilty of the things that are going to be laid out in this article for you, then you know that something is off. You might have to call him out on his feelings for you, or you might just have to walk away from him altogether.

1. He only ever really shows up whenever he needs something from you.

He literally only ever really reaches out to you whenever he wants something. He’s never the type of man who would just reach out to you out of the blue just to talk to you. He only messages you when he needs you to do something for him. All of the affection he shows you is borne out of selfish impulses and desires.

2. He doesn’t really express an interest in your passions.

Any guy who truly prioritizes you is always going to express a deep interest in the things that you are most passionate about. He might not necessarily like everything that you like, but he isn’t going to just automatically dismiss your interests outright. His interest in your life is very telling of how much you might mean to him.

If he’s mostly just concerning himself with his own needs and his personal desires and interests, then that might be an indicator that he doesn’t really consider you to be important at all. A guy who is genuinely into you would always want to get to know you better.

3. He doesn’t open up to you about his life.

He doesn’t really talk to you about his life. Whenever something big takes place in his life, he doesn’t go to you right away. Sometimes, he might not even go to you at all. He might resort to just talking to his friends and family about it. He makes you feel excluded.

That’s how you know that you’re only an option. If he truly valued you and prioritized you, then he would always make it a  point to come to you immediately for important news in his life.

4. He lets you do all of the work in the relationship.

In any kind of romantic relationship, it’s always essential that the two people involved put in a balanced effort. It takes two to tango, as they say. And when it’s only one person who is giving effort in the relationship, then it means that the relationship is one-sided.

It’s never a good sign to be in a relationship with someone who expects you to do all of the work. It means that he doesn’t value you enough to actually try to earn your love and affection. He’s okay with just letting you do the heavy lifting on his behalf.

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