4 Signs That You Rushed Into A New Relationship Even If You Haven’t Gotten Over Your Previous One

If you have ever tried getting over a breakup in the past, then you probably know just how difficult it is. It’s not necessarily that you can just rush through. You just can’t immediately jump into the dating pool again and expect your feelings to catch up with you. It doesn’t really work that way. That is why it’s important that you really go through the proper mourning process. You really need to be able to come to terms with how you truly feel before you jump into another romantic situation. You have to address the many issues that are buried deep down inside if you ever want your new relationships to even have a shot at surviving. You have to know that whenever you get into a relationship, you are going to have to deal with so many feelings and emotions. And you can’t expect to do so if you’re still harbouring a lot of emotional baggage and unresolved issues from a previous relationship. That is why you want to make sure that you are actually ready to jump into a new relationship before you pull the trigger. You don’t want to be diminishing your chances in a new relationship just because you rushed into things.

The first thing you need to know is that no one can really blame you for acting this way. There are so many people who have been where you are right now and they have made the same mistakes. When you go through a breakup, it can be a very emotionally overwhelming experience. There is a void there that you feel like you would want to fill immediately. And that’s why you would want to rush into a relationship. You feel like doing so would ease some of the pain that you’re experiencing. You feel like getting into a new relationship would somehow relieve you of the emotional discomfort. But here’s the thing: when you jump into a new relationship as a kind of rebound, then you would just be jumping into a relationship that is designed to fail. The “connection” that you might share with this person is going to fizzle out ever so quickly. And you’re going to end up causing more damage than you might have expected. In the end, you will be causing collateral damage on innocent parties. And that’s never a good thing. That’s not a narrative that you want to be taking a part of. Your feelings are always going to find a way to make themselves be felt. You might try to push them down as deep as you can. But in the end, you’re never really going to be able to ignore them for too long. You need to address them before they can go away. You need to resolve your issues if you truly want to move on from them.

So, check yourself. If you find that you are rushing into a relationship, then just stop immediately. Make sure that you take a pause on the situation If a lot of the signs listed here apply to you. You don’t want to be causing harm to your new partner. It would be really unfair to them for you to do so.

1. You seem to compare everything they do to your ex.

It doesn’t matter what your current partner does – whether good or bad. You always find yourself comparing them to your ex. You are always using your ex as some kind of benchmark instead of taking your new relationship on its own merits and its own values. That’s a blatant sign that you really haven’t moved on yet.

2. You make the same mistakes as in your previous relationships.

You haven’t seemed to learn from your previous relationship yet. In fact, you are treating this current relationship the same as the last one. And that is a sign that you truly haven’t moved on. You haven’t taken the lessons from your failed relationship and turned them into something constructive for your new one. It’s a sign that you’re still holding on to the past somewhat.

3. You still find yourself talking about your ex a lot.

You might think that just because you speak ill of your ex means that you’re completely over them. It’s not. The very fact that you still bring your ex up in conversations is a sign that you really haven’t gotten over them yet. The true sign that you’ve gotten over someone isn’t when you speak ill of them. It’s when you stop thinking about them altogether.

4. You still have some very bad feelings surrounding your ex.

You still hold on to a lot of the negative feelings and emotions for your ex. You haven’t really gotten over the relationship and it shows in the way that you’re keeping these feelings all bottled up inside.

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