4 Signs That You’re Ready To Be In A Relationship After Being Single For The Longest time

You’re ready.

Single-hood has always been somehow frowned upon ever since the establishment of the family unit. People who are single for prolonged periods of time are often seen as those who are unlovable and uncooperative. Granted, these days, it’s not so much a big deal anymore for people to remain single for a long time but the stigma still exists. For a lot of single people, it’s not so much that they just can’t seem to land themselves a relationship. It’s just that they don’t like settling for relationships that don’t make them feel fulfilled or happy. And in those instances, these people would much rather stay single rather than stay in a relationship that does nothing for them.

And there are some cases where people just get tired of being single. They know that they are now equipped with the mental and emotional faculties to be able to sustain mature relationships with others and they feel like they are ready to act on their feelings. It’s important to stress that there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying single especially if it’s a conscious life person that one makes. There’s a certain sense of exhilaration and thrill that comes with the single life that being in a relationship just won’t be able to replicate. But still, one can never escape that slight twinge of loneliness and isolation when they don’t have a special someone to share all of their major (and minor) life milestones with. Singledom can be fun to an extent but there are certain life experiences and feelings that only being in a relationship can give a person.

But how do you know if your temporary bouts with loneliness are indeed just temporary? How do you know that you just aren’t feeling particularly vulnerable or emotional on this day and that’s why you feel desperate? How do you know that you’re not just going through a phase that you’re eventually going to grow out of? Well, there are a few signs that you could be taking note of about yourself. Here are 4 signs that you’re ready to be in a relationship after being single for the longest time:

1. You feel happy about seeing your friends’ cheesy relationship posts on Facebook and Instagram.

In the past, you used to feel bitter and annoyed whenever you would see these posts on your feed. You hated it because you used to think that people shouldn’t really be finding so much happiness in such shallow and trivial endeavors. You never used to regard love and relationships as deep and worthwhile human experiences. But nowadays, you’re singing a different tune. You now want to experience the same kind of happiness that you see on your social media feeds. You now want to be able to feel what they’re feeling. You want to be able to smile the same way that your friends are smiling in their couple pictures.

2. You find yourself craving a cuddle buddy whenever you’re lying down in bed.

It may seem like a simple thing at first, but it has heavy implications. It’s a physical desire, but it has heavy emotional and mental impacts. You are used to waking up alone every morning in your bed; but you also feel like you would want to wake up to the feeling of having someone’s arms wrapped around you as well.

3. You’ve gotten really good at just taking care of yourself.

Another sign that you’re really ready for a relationship is when you’ve practically mastered taking care of yourself. Remember, as human beings, we always look for things to challenge us. We always grow to become bored and disinterested whenever things get a little too easy and simple. We always have an innate need to shake things up whenever we adapt to a routine. And so if you find that your life is far too stable and far too simple, maybe venturing into a relationship doesn’t seem too farfetched.

4. You deal with occasional bouts of unhappiness and unfulfillment despite having a relatively successful single life.

You’ve typically led a life for yourself that most people would be proud of having lived themselves. You take care of yourself. You have a solid career going on. You are financially stable. You have many skills and talents. You are intelligent and wise. You are cultured and deep. You have so many things going on for you and you can’t really complain. Except, you still can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. You still think that there’s something that your lie needs. You still think that there’s still one vital piece to the puzzle that you have yet to find. Yeah, you have a great life as a single person. But you can’t help but wonder how much better a life it would be if you were in a relationship.

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