4 Signs You Need To Walk Away From A Relationship And 4 Signs You Should Stay

Words to live by, truly.

Relationships. You can’t live with them, but you also can’t live without them. First, you meet someone and you grow to become interested in that person. And then, if you’re lucky enough, they actually develop an interest in you as well. You make moves on one another, and before you know it, you’re actually dating each other already. You make an effort with one another, and you let the relationship go through its paces. You have your share of ups and downs together, but ultimately, you still hope for the best.

But there’s no denying that it can still get to a point wherein you have to come to a decision. And that’s where things can get really tricky. When we make decisions in our lives, we always try our best to be rational about it. But in matters of love, it can be hard to stay completely rational because emotions can often cloud our judgement. Our feelings can often play significant roles in decision-making. And so a simple choice ends up being one that is overly complex and complicated.

It’s always important to maintain healthy doses of emotional and rational intelligence in a relationship. You can’t allow yourself to be completely devoid of emotions, but you can’t allow yourself to let your feelings rule your life either. And how do you strike that balance? Well, that’s the one thing that a lot of people struggle with on a daily basis.

In a relationship, it’s not going to be easy a hundred percent of the time. In fact, a huge bulk of relationships is composed of struggles, setbacks, and difficult trials. And it’s during these moments where couples are really forced to test the strength of their love for each other. On one level, you would never want to waste your time staying in a relationship that just isn’t right for you. And when things get too bad, you are tempted to just cut your losses and walk away to find something easier. But on another level, you also understand that relationships were never designed to be easy in the first place. And you would never want to end up being that person who throws away a perfectly fine romance just because things got difficult. So how do you know if the problems in your relationship are still worth fighting for? How do you know that things are just beyond saving and it would be better for you to just walk away? Well, just read this entire article to find out more.

Here are 4 signs that you should walk away from your relationship:

1. Your partner refuses to give you the commitment that you need.

Commitment is always going to be a big deal in a relationship, and you shouldn’t be afraid of asking for it from your partner. If you feel like they can’t give you the commitment that you need, it’s okay to walk away.

2. Your partner is dealing with major life issues that you can’t take on for yourself.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of walking away from a relationship when your partner is dealing with major life issues. This is an especially valid excuse if you are going through your own serious problems yourself.

3. Your partner gets jealous and obsessive a little excessively.

Jealousy and slight obsession. These are okay in a relationship to some extent. But it also gets to a point where these could end up cultivating a toxic relationship environment that you should never want to settle for.

4. Your partner abuses you in whatever capacity.

Abuse is always a big no-no. Whether the abuse takes its shape in the physical, emotional, or mental form, you shouldn’t be willing to put up with that. When you have an abusive partner, you should walk away instantly.

Here are 4 signs that you can still stay and fight for your romance:

1. You’re only going through a fixable rough patch.

Rough patches happen in every relationship, and they don’t necessarily have to be anxiety-inducing scenarios. You don’t have to panic about having lost your relationship just because you and your partner are going through some tough times together. If you stick with it, you will both come out stronger.

2. You have a major fight about something trivial.

Fights happen. And even if you and your partner have a really big argument about something, you can still find your way back to a place of peace especially when the argument was about something trivial and insignificant.

3. You feel like your romantic connection is diminishing.

Romantic connections always diminish over time. But that doesn’t mean that you should break up. You should just try even harder to stay as close to each other as possible.

4. You go through a case of infidelity.

This is difficult. For some people, infidelity in a relationship is absolutely unforgivable. But what most couples don’t realize is that it’s a setback that can still be overcome just as long as both parties are willing to do so.

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