4 Signs Your Life Partner Falling In Love With Another Person And What To Do About It

I know it’s not easy…

Falling out of love is an unfortunate ordeal for people who are in relationships. But as sad as it is, it still happens. And the worst part of it all is that it negatively impacts both people in a relationship. If you fall out of love with your partner, there is a good chance that you will end up feeling guilty and sad about the entire situation.

If it’s your partner who is falling out love with you, it may trigger some very deep self-esteem issues within you. You will tend to be insecure about who you are and you will feel very unwanted and undervalued in a relationship that you are so emotionally invested in. However, even though the situation is bad for both parties, it can be particularly damning if you’re the one who has to deal with your partner falling out of love with you.

But there’s another side to the story. On top of all that has been mentioned, there is substantially more pain added on when your partner who falls out of love with you just happens to invest that love into someone else. It’s pretty painful enough to know that your significant other has fallen out of love with you.

It’s downright devastating to know that your significant other has found love elsewhere. It just adds another big hole into our already wounded soul. It’s unfortunate. It’s heart-wrenching. But it still happens. And what’s worse? You probably didn’t even see it coming even when you could have.

Of course, when you were in the relationship, you might have had your senses tingling a little bit. The relationship probably wasn’t perfect and you were fully aware of its flaws and imperfections. Your instincts were firing on all cylinders. They were telling you that something wasn’t right and there wasn’t any denying it. The sad thing is that you just couldn’t quite figure out what was going on.

You never really got the full picture and so you just chose to dismiss whatever apprehensions you might have had. How unfortunate indeed; to lose someone’s love to someone else and not have the foresight to see it coming. But what could you do? You didn’t know about the signs that you should have been looking out for. You weren’t able to recognize all the red flags that were staring you right in your face.

Of course, if a person decides to stop loving you, there’s really not much you can do about it. But at least you can try. At least you can make an effort to prepare yourself for the worst. Or you could take your shot at trying to turn things around for your favor. Either way, it’s always good if you are able to see things coming so that you can plan a proper course of action.

1. Your partner develops a random obsession with getting fitter.

On one hand, you partner might just want to get fit for the sake of being healthy. But also, you have to consider that they might be wanting to impress another person with a fresher physique.

2. Your partner begins to take a deep interest in a hobby that didn’t appeal to them in the past.

Random interests in random hobbies can mean that your partner is taking on life with a renewed sense. It would be best for you to try and find out just what exactly has renewed your partner’s senses.

3. Your partner starts making excuses to spend less and less time with you.

It’s always worrisome whenever one person in a relationship is refusing to give time to the romance. You definitely know something is up if you rarely ever see your partner anymore.

4. There is a significant shift in the nature of your sex life.

A radical shift in your sex life whether for better or worse is always a clear indication that there is something that has changed about your partner. You have to try and find out what that change is.

What to do about it.

Well, those are the signs. And if you stay vigilant enough, you might be able to spot early on that your partner is indeed starting to develop feelings for another person. Is there anything that you can do about it? Of course there is.

There is always a slim chance for you to save a relationship no matter how bleak the situation might seem. You don’t have to panic right away if you have reasonable suspicions that your partner is falling for another. Just be sure to stay calm and go on a fact-finding mission.

Yes, the signs are there but they have to be definitive. You don’t want to be accusing your partner of falling in love with another even when it’s not really the case. You have to be sure about it. And the only way to really be sure about it is to do some digging. And when you’re done with that you have to decide how you’re going to approach talking to your partner about it.

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