4 Signs Your Partner Wants You For Your Body, Not Your Heart

Lust is often mistaken for love even though there is a world of difference between both. Love is what you have for someone when their mind, heart, and soul is what you initially fell for whereas lust is what one may feel when the primary reason for attraction towards someone else is their body and the idea of getting physical with them. Most of us are guilty of not being able to the glaring difference between the two. When a person is talking their way into getting in your pants, if all their eyes and mind are set on is your body then that’s not love.

It may look like love because of all the appreciation and admiration they will show you because they’re obviously trying to woo you into getting physical with them. but love is different. Ove doesn’t come with unnecessary sweet talk and superficial admiration. Where there’s lust there will never be anything more genuine than momentary infatuation. Lust makes you block everything out and just constantly think of someone’s body and the intimacy you could have with them. Lust is the feeling you have when the only reason you’re spending any time at all with someone is just that of the desire to touch them and get under the sheets with them. Love is nothing like the carnal feeling of lust. Love is spiritual, it comes from within, and the sexual or physical aspect of a relationship is never the top priority for a person who is genuinely in love with someone.

If you love someone, but all they want from you is sex, then it can really hurt. It can bring anyone down. To be reduced to someone who is only of use when it’s about someone’s sexual pleasure is horrible and no one should be made to feel like that. However, there are ways to get through such situations without letting anyone use you for their sexual pleasure and satisfaction. All you have to do is read between the lines and make sure you know whether this person is in it because of pure love or whether it’s just lust that’s driving them to be with you.

Here are some definite signs that you need to keep a lookout for and if you notice them, know that it’s your body they’re interested in, not you.

1. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood, you still have to fulfill their wants

Your partner puts you in situations where even when you don’t want to make out with them, you have to. Whats even worse is that there are times when you’re just simply not in the mood for sex but your partner will entirely ignore your unwillingness to have sex with them and expect you to satisfy them anyway. They will be very well aware of the fact that you’re in the mood for it because that’s never hard to tell from the way a person behaves in bed with you but even that may not bother him at all, because, their priority lies in making sure they get sexually satisfied.

If you feel like your mood never matters, and what you really want in bed and when you want it doesn’t make any difference then your partner is not in love with you. It’s a simple case of lust.

2. They’ve had issues with commitment in the past

Their track record reveals their problems with sticking to their commitments. They’ve moved from one partner to another like they’re changing clothes. They’ve religiously gotten in bed with every single one of them. They’re the kind of person who has had lots of short-term relationships that they’ve casually walked out of whenever it has suited them.
A person like that is not loyal and will probably never be faithful. If he/she is with you, it’s because of the lust they can’t seem to keep in check.

3. If they ever talk, it has to be dirty

They flirt, sext and talk dirty or they don’t bother with you at all. There’s a lack of meaningful conversations here the two of you would be getting to know each other and just spending time talking about the real things in life. When they speak, its always about the next position you both should be trying in bed, what kind of lingerie you should put on for them and whatnot. If your partner does this, they’re not at all in love with you. If they were, they’d treat you like their significant other and not like their sex toy. Relationships are about a lot more than just the bodies of the two people involved in the relationship.

4. They always want the two of you to be alone

Whenever the two of you spend time together, it has to be alone. It has to be in a room, in bed or just anywhere where there’s enough privacy to get physical with you conveniently.

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