4 Surprising Reasons Why Second Marriages Are More Successful

Marriage isn’t always something that is going to last forever. The vows might say, “’til death do us part,” but that isn’t always going to be the case. However, despite the uncertainty of marriages, did you know that second marriages are more likely to last than the first?

If you are curious to know my take on the matter, here is why I think second marriages tend to work out for the better when compared to first marriages:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

One of the most important traits that you need to find success in this world is the experience. And that is a principle that is going to carry over into relationships as well. Of course, couples who get into second marriages are a lot more experienced. They are a lot more practiced.

They have tried their hands at marriage before and they failed – unfortunately. However, these are also people who are likely to have learned from their mistakes. These are people who are likely to be familiar with what works and what doesn’t in a marriage considering that they practically lived through one already.

People who get into second marriages tend to be those who are wiser and are smarter. They know when to pick their battles. They know the basic principles of conflict resolution. And they are also going to be in the know when it comes to effective communication.

2. Both people in the marriage just know themselves more.

A lot of times, marriages end as a result of unmet expectations or unrealistic goals. That is often the case when couples rush into a marriage without first trying to figure out what it is they want out of the relationship and out of each other. However, people in second marriages are likely to be very introspective already.

The chances are high that the people in second marriages have already spent substantial time in trying to figure out what they want out of life and love. And with that, they are able to communicate their needs and expectations more clearly and effectively.

Often, the pain that arises after a failed marriage can force a person to really become introspective. It forces an individual to confront feelings and thoughts that they might not have ever confronted in the past. It might be uncomfortable at first but these people always come out stronger and wiser as a result.

In second marriages, spouses are likely to be more aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are. They know what it is they can bring to the table and they also know where they are likely to fall short.

3. There is a higher incentive to make a second marriage work.

The stakes are just higher in the second marriage. And that’s why people in a second marriage are often more motivated and pressured to actually try to make things work. There is just a higher incentive to attract success in this second try at a long-lasting relationship.

Of course, that isn’t to say that couples in first marriages don’t have the motivation or drive to go all the way. However, people who get married a second time around have some EXTRA incentive and motivation to work with.

The fact of the matter is that time is ticking. And people in second marriages will not want to be wasting their time on another marriage that might just eventually go down the drain again.

4. There is a deeper sense of gratitude in the second marriage.

Ultimately, a second marriage is also a second chance. It’s a second chance at love after a dramatic failure. And what happens to people who get second chances? They typically become more grateful and invested. Sometimes, marriages fail as a result of two people who take each other for granted.

And whenever the marriage comes to an end, it can be quite a waste. That’s why people in second marriages tend to really fight for their love because they know how wasteful it would be to just take one another for granted again.

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