4 Things I Need From You In A Relationship

Entering into a committed relationship is not as simple as it sounds. One has to think and rethink many a times before committing to his/her significant other. The demands and obligations of a relationship at times make you nervous to embrace this beautiful bond.

Many of us are skeptical about the whole idea of a committed relationship. But the fact is that there is nothing more beautiful and exquisite than a loving relationship with your partner.

You want to go ahead in a relationship with your soul mate but still you are afraid that you will put yourself in a vulnerable position. Let’s make it less complicated.

Before you enter into a committed log-term relationship with your life partner, talk about things that you expect from him/her. Be very clear about how exactly you expect this relationship to be like. Here is a list of 4 most important things that I would want from my life partner:

4. Be Honest With Me Always

Honesty is the most important and most basic thing in any relationship. Intimate relationships cannot last long if any of the partners fails to adhere to basic honesty criteria. Being truthful and honest is what I will always demand from my life partner.

If you are not comfortable with anything in our relationship; my behavior, our intimate relation, our lifestyle, my decisions etc, just talk about it. Be honest to yourself and also to me and let me know if anything is bothering you at any point in life.

I believe that most relationships finally fall apart because one of the spouses feels awkward to express his/her real feelings. If ever this barrier comes in between the two life partners it will eventually part them from each other.

Both the partners should be open and honest with each other in expressing their likes, desires, wants, decisions and preferences. It doesn’t end here. Being honest with your life partner is the first step. The very next step is to accept their honest opinions. If I want you to be open and honest in your feelings then I’m totally ready to accept whatever you say to me. I will not make a fuss of things and would want that we both will work on things together to sort them out.

3. Be True To Yourself

Don’t hide your feelings. Don’t fake your emotions. Just be yourself. That is all I demand from you, to be the same person whom I loved since we met.

Being true to your own-self will help you to create a positive self-image of your self. Once you achieve the level of self-acceptance you will accept others around you with an open heart.

If I am in a relationship with a person it means I have accepted him/her with all my heart. I have embraced all imperfections and weaknesses of that person because I Love him/her. So there is no point that I will ever be ashamed of anything about that person.

All I want from you is to be true to yourself. Be the person you really are. Don’t act to be someone else. I loved you for who you are and will always love you for that. I don’t want you to change yourself out of fear of rejection from me. I have accepted you the way you were, so stay that way.

2. Let Me Be Myself

This is another crucial thing that IВ would want from my life partner. Give me my personal space. Let me be the person who I am. This space is important for me to grow as a person and IВ need it for growth of our relationship .

I would want my partner to support me in everything I do. To let me believe what I want to believe. Don’t push me into anything I’m not comfortable with.

I want you to encourage me, support me and assure me. I want my significant other to encourage me in all my life endeavors and be there to support me when I fail.

1. Save Me From Myself

I want my life partner to save me from myself when I’m being irrational, unreasonable, stubborn or foolish.

I sure want you to support me with everything but IВ also want you to save me when and where ever I go wrong. Talk to me when you feel I need to listen. Stop me from repeating my mistakes.

If I’m being pessimist, support me and elevate me and push me towards optimism. I want you to allow me to grow as a person but also steer my ways when I’m lost.

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