4 Things To Check Off Your Relationship Bucket List Before Getting Married

What’s on your bucket list?

We act like we have everything figured out. We make plans for ourselves and we try as much as possible to stick to those plans because we think that we know what’s best for us. But life has a weird way of not agreeing with us a lot. We encounter a few setbacks, challenges, and unexpected hurdles that we have to overcome and more often than not, we end up adjusting our plans on the fly to make way for these new circumstances. 

A lot of us would like to imagine ourselves as hopeless romantics in our pursuits for love. Whenever we meet someone who piques our romantic interests, we let our feelings and emotions take full control of our lives. But this is dangerous because it leaves us susceptible to potential dangers. Emotions have a way of clouding peoples’ judgement. When we start to fall in love with someone, that love can often lead us to only focus on a person’s best qualities and it can also blind us to all of the bad. While it’s always good to try and see the best in people, it doesn’t mean that you should completely blind yourself to all the bad as well. You have to be able to maintain a sense of awareness with regards to the people that you’re with. You have to make sure that while you generally want to believe in the good of people, you still know that people have the power to hurt you and you have to keep yourself guarded. Allowing yourself to be blindly optimistic about your relationship is always a wrong way to go about love. No relationship is going to be easy. No relationship is going to be without its problems. No love can ever be perfect. And it’s how you handle these flaws as a couple that makes you stronger. 

There is a significant challenge involved in having to find your ways through a problematic relationship. Maintaining the spark and passion of a romance is no easy feat and many couples have succumbed to it in the past. Don’t think that your relationship is the exception to the rule; don’t think that you are automatically immune to any problems in your relationship. That’s the quickest way to getting blindsided by the issues in your relationship. Even if you are lucky enough to meet the best and most compatible person you could ever be with, nothing is going to be set in stone. You still have to be able to work hard and really commit to sustaining your romance. You might think that this person that you’ve fallen for is someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with. And that should motivate you to make sure that your relationship actually is sustainable. You have to make sure that the foundation of your relationship is as solid as a rock. 

Ultimately, for a lot of traditional couples. A life-long commitment solidifies itself through marriage. When two individuals tie the knot, they cease to live life as mere individuals they now become a married couple. And marriage has a lot of benefits but it also has its fair share of challenges. Marriage is no joke as evidenced by the alarming divorce rates. But it’s not something that you have to be afraid of. It’s something that you can’t afford to take for granted because of how cherished and meaningful an experience it actually is. 

So before you actually come to the decision to forever commit yourself to a single person, you have to make sure that you have all bases covered. Now it’s important to remember that all couples are unique and special. And there is no absolute set of rules that apply to all relationships in general. However, there are some proven principles that have shown to significantly improve a couples’ chances at surviving marriage. Here are a few things that you should probably check off of your bucket list before you decide to get married to one another. 

1. Talk about your future goals and dreams.

Discuss just where your relationship is going and where you both fit in as far as your futures are concerned. You have to make sure that your relationship works in accordance to your individual dreams and personal goals. 

2. Go for an intimate test drive with one another.

A lot of people believe in the whole marriage before sex thing. But it’s probably best to get to know one another sexually before you commit tone another for life. 

3. Talk about the prospect of having children.

It just so happens that a lot of people get into marriages for the purpose of procreation. You will want to make sure to be clear with one another on that front. 

4. Discuss your financial situations and philosophies. 

As uncomfortable as it may be to talk about money, you are going to really have to. If you will be getting married, you will also want to know what kind of financial situation you are getting yourself into.

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