4 Things You Realize About All Relationships When You Finally Find The Right Person

Finding yourself someone to date can be awesome. Having someone to share all the meaningful, special moments and events of your life is a rejuvenating experience. It makes anyone the happiest. Because life feels so much easier and just, so much brighter when you have someone by your side to live it through with you. But, sometimes, life can give you giant lemons, and the dating business can get from beautiful to nasty very quickly. Dating someone can give you big smiles, great sex, fun times shower the sweetest moments of romance on you, and just like that, it can also bring you down. It causes you to lose your sh*t in the middle of the day in a crowd, cause you to eat ice cream straight from the tub while you sob, and all stereotypical scenario descriptions aside, it can cause h=you the pain of a heartbreak.

There are more people in the world that we are incompatible with than those with who we are compatible. Finding yourself the perfect partner is as beautiful yet difficult as it may sound. But no matter how hard it may be to nail it with the right person, no matter how many heartbreaking relationships we go through, we never really stop hoping for that perfect relationship of our dreams. We never stop waiting for the right person for us to finally come by. Just to be sure we’re on the page about who this “right” one is let’s talk about that first. The right person for you is the one who never makes you doubt or reconsider your choice of being with them.

They’re someone you can’t see yourself without, not in your present and not in your future. Someone who you can happily get through everything with; long distances, fights, and literally all kinds of rough patches. They will put you first, before everything else. Someone who never fails to make things way bearable for you never fails to make you laugh and smile. They will basically make life a whole lot brighter and refreshing for you. They will work with you towards building the relationship into a better one every day, the two of you will be the best of friends and the best couple.
When you finally come across this person, you will learn so much and realize a whole bunch of new things. Here are some of those things that you will recognize

1. That you were put through a lot of undeserved crap

The more you get to know the right person in the right relationship, the more you spent time with them, the more you will realize that you really did put up with a lot of crap you never deserved to deal with. They will treat you so well that you will get mad at yourself for wasting time with everyone that mistreated you, because of whom you underwent all of that pain, heartbreak, hopelessness, sadness, and disappointment.

2. That you don’t have to make compromises

The right person will make you see how you never have to make any compromises and talk yourself into unwillingly doing something you never wanted to do, be with someone who didn’t deserve you. The right man/woman will be right unconditionally. They will never put you in situations where you will have to push your boundaries because of them. They will make you realize that your company has to be earned and can never be taken for granted. The kind of relationship that you have with them will make you realize that you don’t have to date someone just for the sake of dating someone and that you should never be made to compromise your values for anyone at all, especially someone who doesn’t even treat you how you deserve you.

3. That friendship comes first, and romance comes second

This person will be your soulmate. They will be the closest friend you will have ever had. They make you realize that how a relationship turns out depends more on the friendship you two have and less on the romance. Yes, romance will always be an inseparable part of any relationship but friendship way, way more important. It will give the relationship a kind of strength that romance simply cannot give it.

4. That all the drama was completely unnecessary

The right significant other will come with absolutely no drama. No couple is so perfect that they never fight, argue, disagree, or go through a rough patch but all that unnecessary drama? That mental and emotional stress, the pressure of being someone you’re not, all the tears you never deserved to shed, all those fights and hurtful moments that could’ve easily been avoided? Yea, you will never go through that with the right persona, and they will make you realize that drama in a relationship is not only unnecessary but it also never, ever worth your time and energy.

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