4 Things You Should NEVER Say to Someone with Depression

Depression is a typical psychological instability. Experts believe that around 20% of grown-up’s involvement with minimum one scene sooner or later in their lives. Everybody at some point in their lives goes through a depressing phase. Sometimes the phase lasts long and is a severe while, at other times it is coped up in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, it isn’t only the side effects of depression that make a sufferer’s life troublesome. Their lives come to a halt. They don’t live a “normal” life like many of us because the depression has taken over them.
Not exclusively do individuals with gloom need to battle with mental and physical issues, but, they regularly come up against good-natured yet unhelpful “advice” from everyone around them. They avoid opening up to people around them because they are afraid that people might not understand them. However, if someone makes an effort and opens up to someone, they need to be very sensitive about the issue. They should not belittle them or make them feel that their problem is a minor one. It contributes to shutting depressed people off completely.

On the off chance that you know somebody with depression, you might consider how best to help them without causing offense.
Here is a list of things you should avoid saying to a patient of depression:


People usually misunderstand depression. They think that someone is either using it as a tool to gain attention or is in it by their own choice. The reality is entirely opposed to this. A person is not willingly capsuled in depression. Depression gradually crawls over and sticks to them. They can’t just “snap out of it” just because you have advised them so. They someone cannot get rid of a fever or flu by themselves, the same way they cannot only feel better while going through a depressed phase. It is very unrealistic and impractical to expect the latter from a sad person. Avoid advising them to stop feeling depressed because it is not in their control.

2. “There are people who have it so much worse than you.”

Depressed people often hear that: “why are you feeling so low? You have all the blessings of the world, think about the people who have nothing.”
It is not wrong to feel thankful for being better than all the unprivileged people around us but, on the other hand, depressed people are aware of their blessings. It is not that they are not able to feel thankful for all the blessings showered upon them but, they can still feel low. Depression doesn’t come to only those who lack blessings in their life, and it can cloud anyone’s life. Be it a billionaire or a person with less than $1. It’s an illness which can knock on anyone’s door.

3. “Are you sure you really need to be taking medication?”

We will never question such an absurd question from a patient of any other ailment. But, people suffering from depression have to tackle this issue often. There is a stigma attached with antidepressants that they are harmful to health. People consider them to be drugs which one should stay as far as they can from them. They do not realize that the doctors usually prescribe antidepressants and help depressed people to cope up with their fatal sickness. So before judging someone for their antidepressant doses, think of them as conventional medicines that we all consume while fighting with any other illness.

4. But you seem to cope just fine at work/school.

This thought usually runs in people’s mind that if someone is performing well at work or office then they are doing well in their emotional life as well. It is not necessary that people who are under the attack of depression isolate themselves. They fight hard with themselves to present themselves as normal as they can in front of the society. They try to attend social gatherings, perform well at work, stay with friends, yet, they feel lost and hopeless. At the end of the day, they shatter into pieces because of what they are going through. They try to fool everyone by portraying themselves as fine and happy-go-lucky but, the reality is that they are broken souls who need help and support of their loved ones.

Before judging or throwing questions at people who are suffering from such a severe illness which has a curse of suicide attached to it, you need to be extremely careful. People are trying hard to cope up with their depression. They do not need your questions or queries, all they need is your love, care, and support.

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