4 Tricks That Women Use To Make Men Crazy About Them

Consider this a general guideline to help you make your man crazy about you.

He’s going to be crazy about you, but in the best and healthiest way possible. It’s a very enriching feeling to know that the man you’re in love with is also crazy about you. It’s very liberating and also endearing at the same time. There are ways in which you can express your intimacy with one another. For example, you could give him a hug and make him lust over your body. You could win his affections through pleasing his stomach by cooking up his favorite food for dinner. You could bring him coffee in bed as soon as he wakes up so that you’re the first thing on his mind in the morning.

Typically, there are plenty of ways to go about making sure that your man is crazy about you, but here are a few simple and concise tips that you could choose to explore and be creative with. Consider this a general guideline to help you make your man crazy about you.

1. Make yourself more interesting to him.

You’re not always going to be the most interesting person in the room but that’s okay. You shouldn’t let that fact stop you from making the man of your dreams crazy about you. But there is always something to work on when it comes to your charm and charisma; there is always a way to improve your social skills to make you more interesting to other people. Remember that one of the most underrated secrets to becoming a skilled conversationalist is to always be a good listener. Being good at talking doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you do all the talking.

A lot of having fun and enriching discussions with someone else is when you actually pay attention to what that person is saying so that you have some material to build the foundation of your conversation on. You don’t always have to be the loud and boisterous one in the conversation in order to come off as interesting. There is plenty to be intrigued about with a person who knows how to listen and who knows how to respond appropriately. One of the best ways to make a man crazy about you is simply letting him feel like you actually value what he has to say.

2. Reel him in and keep him on that string.

So once you are able to pique his interest with your great listening skills, you have to be able to turn things up a notch in order to keep yourself interesting. You already have him listening to you and giving you his attention so you have to step your game up. Once you are able to make him feel comfortable around you, that’s when you have to take a risk and actually engage in flirtatious advances with him.

Make yourself really stand out by letting him know that you are interested in actually setting yourself apart from the other people in his life. But don’t be too forward with your intentions. Give him just enough to tease him about your true desires and make him crazy by not revealing all of your cards.

3. Let him take the lead and assume control.

It’s done. You definitely stand out now that you’ve managed to express an interest in him as well. He now has you on his radar and you shouldn’t be afraid of taking things to the next level. You can do this by actually making him feel wanted and desired. How do you go about doing that exactly? Let him take the lead. Make him think that he’s in control of the situation and you will have him eating out of the palm of your hand. Remember that men have huge egos and they always like to be made to feel like they are in power.

So just stroke his ego a little bit and make him feel like he is calling the shots. If you are able to make him feel important, he is always going to end up craving for your attention. He will look to you in order to make himself feel validated and he will be crazy about spending as much time with you as possible. So even though he thinks he’s in full control, he’s only really reacting in ways that you fully expected him to react.

4. Don’t underestimate the effects of sensual teasing.

And lastly, play to his lustful desires. Send him a few provocative messages every now and then. Don’t underestimate just how important the pleasures of the skin are to him. Remember that we are all still primal creatures and we are all still prone to giving in to our most carnal desires. This includes sex. So don’t be afraid of playing that card. Drive him crazy by putting all sorts of crazy sexual ideas in his head. Make him crazy with anticipation and desire.

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