4 Ways To Become More Vulnerable In Love

Love is a fragile thing.

A lot of people get into relationships with the hopes of making the romance last. They aspire to a long-lasting relationship that’s filled with lots of love, compassion, laughter, joy, and intimacy. However, there are plenty of relationships that tend to fall short of being intimate, and as a result, they end up diminishing whatever emotional bond or connection they have with one another. Remember that just because you stay together and you spend time with one another all day every day doesn’t mean that you are necessarily building intimacy with each other. 

A lot of people will approach their relationships as if they’re merely part of their daily routines. They don’t necessarily invest themselves emotionally into these relationships in the ways that they should and this always eventually leads to the eventual deterioration of a relationship. A huge part of being emotionally invested in a relationship is to fully allow yourself to be vulnerable with your partner. Vulnerability plays a very big role in developing a deep emotional intimacy and bond between two individuals. It’s practically impossible for anyone to develop real intimacy in the relationship with genuine vulnerability either.

But in what ways can you really be vulnerable in your relationship that can help your intimacy as a couple? Here are a few ways to become more vulnerable in love:

1. You have to be able to admit whenever you do wrong and own up to your mistakes.

Part of being vulnerable is being able to acknowledge your own imperfections and flaws as a person. We are all only human and we are all prone to having our fair share of shortcomings. Stop being too proud to admit your mistakes whenever you make them. When you are humble enough to actually own up to your mistakes and take accountability for your actions, you are essentially baring your true self to your partner and that’s what true vulnerability really is. It doesn’t always have to mean that you have to be perfect all the time. You just have to try your best and then just admit that you’re going to stumble a few times along the way. Being in a real intimate relationship is being okay with the fact that you can’t always be projecting a perfect front for your partner. It means that you are able to bare your blemishes for one another and you still maintain your love for each other despite all the bad parts.

2. You have to be able to empathize with your partner whenever they feel vulnerable or stressed without necessarily solving their problems for them.

Another aspect of just allowing yourself to be vulnerable is to just let go of the pressures to have the answers all the time. You aren’t gifted with infinite wisdom. No human being is. We are all struggling trying to make our way in the world. And so no one is going to expect you to have the answer every single time. So whenever your partner comes to you with a problem, you don’t always have to give advice or you don’t always have to feel compelled to solve their problems for them. Sometimes, all you really need to do is just listen to what they’re saying and empathize with them. In fact, a lot of times, that’s going to be enough. When you empathize with your partner’s helplessness, you are essentially bonding in your own moralities and that can only add to the beauty of your love.

3. You have to be able to let your partner take the lead in the relationship every so often.

Another part of being vulnerable is being able to relinquish control. You have to be able to set aside your need to be in control of every situation for the sake of your relationship. You have to let your partner take the steering wheel every once in a while because that’s what a relationship is. It’s a team effort and not one person can be constantly calling the shots. There has to be an equal share of control in the relationship to always promote balance and harmony. While it can put you in a vulnerable position to let go of control, it will help you become more intimate with your partner.

4. You have to let your strengths and positive attributes shine without shame.

And not too many people are going to tell you this, but another part of being vulnerable is just being shameless as well. A lot of people in relationships are going to make the mistakes of suppressing themselves or dumbing themselves down because they feel uncomfortable with letting themselves shine in front of their partners. But part of being vulnerable is allowing all aspects of your personality to come out including your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to suppress the light of your being to make your partner feel good. It doesn’t work that way.

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