4 Women Reveal What They Did To Get Over A Broken Heart

When you experience heartbreak for the first time, it can be really devastating. It’s never really an easy task having to get over having your heart broken by someone. When you get your heart broken for the first time, it’s going to be a level of sadness that you never thought you would have ever experienced in your life. You might have never thought that it would be possible for you to be that sad. You might not think that you would ever get better; that you would ever fully recover from your sadness.

You can’t imagine how you are ever going to live out the rest of your life without your partner in it. You don’t know what you’re supposed to do to overcome the pain that you’re feeling. Of course, there isn’t really a singular recipe that you need to follow for you to get over your broken heart. However, fortunately for you, a broken heart is a condition that so many people have been inflicted within the past. And these very people have recovered from it as well. So at least you know that you’re not in this boat alone. And at least you know that it IS possible to recover from that kind of heartbreak. You aren’t the first person to ever have her heart broken, and you certainly won’t be the last either.

If you’re desperate to just move on from your heartbreaking experience, maybe it would do you some good to pay attention to the methods and techniques that other women have employed from the past. Maybe you would be doing yourself a favor by listening to the stories and experiences of the women who have stood right where you are right now. Of course, not all of these methods might necessarily work for you as well. But it’s always good to gain some perspective on the matter. Here are a few revelations that women have made on how they were able to recover from their heartbreaks.

1. Lidia let time do all of the work for her.

“I was desperate to recover. I really wanted to do everything in my power to be okay again. I tried everything that I could possibly think of. I tried to block out the pain. I tried to talk to my girlfriends about it. I tried to immerse myself in my work. Heck, I even tried jumping back into the dating game. But none of it worked for me. But then eventually, one day, I just realized that I was okay again. And it was then that I learned that all I needed was time. You might think that it’s possible to rush the healing process. And maybe that might be true. But I know for a fact that eventually, time does heal all wounds.” – Lidia, 29

2. May just made sure to surround herself with people who loved her.

“It was a very vulnerable time in my life. The man that I loved most in the world just got up and left me. And I felt really broken. I was feeling really vulnerable because he was the one who always made me feel confident. I realized after he left me that a bulk of my self-worth was dependent on his validation. And that’s why I felt so broken when he left. I knew that I was too weak to recover on my own. And that’s why I just surrounded myself with the people who loved me the most. And eventually, they gave me the strength to be okay again.” – May, 25

3. Fiona just found solace in the arms of Harry Potter.

“I just needed to escape reality for a while. I just need to get away from everything that I’m feeling. And I turned to the fantasy world of Harry Potter. I fell in love with the Harry Potter books as a kid. And I found comfort in the stories once more now that I’m older. They distracted me from all the sadness that I was feeling because I became so invested in the lives of the characters again. And that distraction was healthy for me. I was okay again by the time I got to the 4th book.” – Fiona, 29

4. Caroline wrote everything down in a letter she never sent.

“I’ve always been fond of writing about my feelings. I have found that the best way to really confront my feelings was to just put them all to paper. Writing really forced me to think about how I was feeling. And I knew that I was never going to get over my heartbreak unless I came to terms with my emotions. And that’s why writing a letter to my ex was very therapeutic. I didn’t have to send it out. The act of writing it was enough.” – Carlone, 23

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