4 Zodiac Sign Combos That Will Experiment In Bed And 3 That Won’t

Are you one for experimenting in bed?

There are just some relationship Zodiac combos that work great in the bedroom together. They are adventurous, passionate, active, and receptive to new ideas. On the other hand of the spectrum, there are some Zodiac combos that are just plain awkward and boring in the bedroom.

They are timid and shy; they don’t like to play around and experiment with each other. There is a reasonable explanation for all of this. The Zodiac signs are able to rationalize why some couples just thrive in the sack, while others just don’t.

Use this article as a guide in helping you find that perfect mate who will make your life in the bedroom exciting and active.

1. Pisces and Taurus: Good

A Taurus is always known to be a very passionate and loving creature. They are very sweet-natured, and they are always very thoughtful when it comes to a relationship. They might seem rough and rugged on the exterior, but underneath all of that lies a very kind and loving heart.

A Pisces is known to be very adventurous and creative. They will tend to see sex as a form of passion and artistic expression, and they never take the experience lightly. They are always looking for new ways to liven things up in the bedroom.
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2. Gemini and Aquarius: Bad

There is no denying that the combination of a Gemini and Aquarius is indeed very interesting. You both do exceptional jobs at stimulating each other and that’s why your relationship is thriving in the first place. However, you keep your spheres of stimulation purely mental and emotional, but rarely ever physical. It’s not that you don’t physically attract each other; it’s just that your love is purely built around how you mesh so well together on a mental level.

3. Leo and Libra: Good

There are very few Zodiac combinations that have the ability to rival the Leo and Libra partnership when it comes to sexual vitality. They have a very healthy sex life, and they are both always very open to exploring new ways to pleasure each other. A Leo is always known to exude absolute confidence while the Libra always carries an air of natural attractiveness.

Together, these two always manage to cultivate a very vivacious and robust romantic environment. They also have the ability to trust each other at great depths.
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4. Aries and Scorpio: Bad

These two do have a chance at having a good relationship, but when it comes to having an exciting sex life, these two aren’t so lucky. The problem with the dynamics of your pairing is that you never seem to operate on the same wavelengths when you express your love for each other.

You both tend to take very different approaches to physical intimacy. While a Scorpio will maintain an open-mindedness when it comes to passionate exchanges, an Aries always likes to stay within the comfort zone. As a result, Aries will always want things to be done a certain way even when it isn’t necessarily what the Scorpio wants.
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5. Aquarius and Pisces: Good

At surface value, an Aquarius and a Pisces look like they don’t have a shot at making their relationship work. However, upon deeper examination, their pairing actually makes a lot of sense. In fact, they have some of the most exciting philosophies and approaches to physical intimacy.

They are both very communicative and open beings. They don’t have problems expressing themselves and they are also very good listeners. An Aquarius is constantly looking for stimulation, whether physical or emotional, while a Pisces is always able to satisfy an Aquarius’s lust for excitement.

6. Capricorn and Sagittarius: Bad

It’s a wonder why these two would never even get together at all. They have absolutely no business being together in a relationship. It’s like a romantic experiment that was doomed from the start. A Sagittarius tends to be very sporadic in nature. They hate planning and they always tend to act on impulse.

They like to be spontaneous and free-spirited. On the other hand, a Capricorn typically likes to be slow, methodical and calculated. They don’t like acting hastily and they greatly despise rushing into anything. That is why it comes to no one’s surprise that this pairing just doesn’t do well in bed.
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7. Virgo and Cancer: Good

A Virgo is known to be very intelligent and rational. They always know when to take emotion out of the equation and they tend to always take an objective perspective in the best way they can. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Cancer is very emotional and passionate.

At first glance, you think that a pairing of opposite personalities would never work. However, in this case, the opposites do attract. They tend to balance each other off and it shows in their bedroom explorations. They both maintain very open minds and they always know how to manage each other in the relationship well.
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