4 Zodiac Signs Who Usually Have Really Bad Breakups – So Be Careful

Breakups aren’t really complicated; they’re really quick, easy, and clean. They don’t really cause anyone any harm or hassle.

Those are strings of words that you are never going to seriously hear anyone say in any setting whatsoever. A lot of us have been unfortunate enough to have experienced the emotional turmoil that comes with breaking up with someone you’re in a loving relationship with. It doesn’t matter whether you are the one who is initiating the breakup or if you are the one who is getting broken up with; you still feel the pain of loss, disappointment, anger, and frustration over everything.

A lot of times, these feelings can linger long after the breakup; and these feelings can even prevent people from falling love again for a certain period of time. Of course, all breakups are going to be inherently different because of how distinct and unique our personalities are as individuals. We all carry our distinct traits into our relationships after all, and that’s why no two relationships are ever going to look alike – it’s the same way with breakups. And as human beings, we are all bound to have our own personal ways of coping with these breakups. Some of us will find breakups relatively easier than others. A lot of us will need some serious time to heal our wounds before we can be ready to jump back into the dating pool.

There are also those of us who become completely broken and lose all hope in love because of a breakup. One really good way to figure out how you would handle a breakup is to look at your Zodiac sign. You have to remember that your Zodiac sign is always going to give you hints and clues about who you are and how you are going to react to particular situations – and breakups are no different. There are some signs that are so mature and smooth with how they handle breakups; while there are also some Zodiac signs who are just terrible at breaking up – and these Zodiac signs might prove to be overly toxic. So you definitely have to be careful.

Yes, you would never want to go into a relationship thinking that you are going to break up anyway; but it always pays to arm yourself for all possibilities. You want to hope for the best, but you still have to prepare for the worst of scenarios. You have to know what kind of people you’re getting into bed with – both in a figurative and literal sense. You need to really know who it is you’re falling in love with and how that person might react should things not work out between the two of you.

Handling a breakup can be tough. You are at your most vulnerable’ and you always want to make sure that you are only going to put yourself in an ideal environment for you to really heal and recover. However, that is going to be incredibly difficult for you to do if you are breaking up with someone who won’t let you go all too easily; to someone who won’t just let you off the hook. There are just some specific people out there who can be very immature, petty, vindictive, and toxic when they go through a breakup. And who knows? You might even happen to be one of those people? The point is that we all deal with breakups in various different manners. And you might be surprised to know that your Zodiac sign is going to tell you a lot about how you’re going to handle breakups.

Astrologers have revealed that these 4 Zodiac signs, in particular, go through the most difficult and emotional breakups.

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

A Taurus is someone who is going to be incredibly emotional and passionate when it comes to relationships. And you probably know by now that they have very intense personalities. And when they go through breakups, they rarely ever make it a simple affair.

2. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

An Aries is going to treat a breakup like a game. They are very competitive; and they will do whatever they can to “win” the breakup – whatever that might mean.

3. Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Cancer is a creature that often gets overwhelmed by emotions. When they go through breakups, it’s always an incredibly dramatic ordeal. They can seem as if their entire world has been turned upside down. And it’s rarely ever a pretty sight.

4. Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

For a Capricorn, the image is going to be everything when they break up. They don’t really like to express their feelings; and even though they might seem like they’re okay, they’re really torn up inside. And it’s very unhealthy with the way that they don’t express their feelings.

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