40 Little Things That Men Do Which Mean A Lot To Women

Ladies, agreed?

Remember that expressions of love don’t always have to be so grand. You don’t always have to be breaking your back trying to please your girl. There are plenty of very simple things that you can do on a daily basis that can actually help build whatever intimacy you share with each other. In fact, it’s the little things that you do for her every day that she’s going to appreciate the most. Yes, it’s great to have grand fairytale-like gestures for her every now and then. But the little things that you do for her day in and day out are really what strengthen the bond that you have with one another. It’s the big things that she’ll probably remember the most, but it’s the little things that will make her fall in love with you more and more as each day rolls by in your relationship.

So don’t worry about getting her to fall in love with you every day. It’s not that difficult. It shouldn’t be that difficult. A lot of the tips that will be listed on here will be really easy and natural for any loving man to do. All of the things listed on here won’t require a lot of effort at all but they all should contain a whole lot of love. Just make sure that when you do these things for her or anything for that matter that you are always doing it out of sincerity. You can’t be doing these things for her thinking that they’re chores. If you were truly in love with your woman, you would want to do these things for her anyway.

1. Compliment something about her appearance or her personality that she would never expect you to notice about her. Attention to detail is important.

2. Write her the occasional heartfelt love letter. It doesn’t have to be poetically perfect. It just has to be real.

3. Call her up or text her just to tell her that something reminded you of her.

4. Bring home some of her favorite food while you were out having dinner with your buds just to let her know you were thinking of her.

5. Text her first thing in the morning.

6. Greet her closest friends and family a happy birthday.

7. Take on her share of the household chores so you can give her an extra break.

8. Compliment her when she gets her hair done.

9. Compliment her when you notice that she’s wearing a new dress for the first time.

10. Really express an interest in how her day went.

11. Let her take control of the car stereo whenever you’re out on drives.

12. Let her use your phone whenever she asks to.

13. Save little mementos from dates or cherished moments you might have shared together.

14. Let her take up a lot of space in your house even if it means you have to give up some of your own space.

15. Consult and ask her about important issues that you are going to have to make a choice on.

16. Invite her to tag along on dinners with friends or family.

17. Tell her that she looks stunning.

18. Post the occasional photo of her on your social media profile.

19. Kiss her on the lips.

20. Kiss her anywhere aside from the lips.

21. Tell her that you love her every time you have to say goodbye to one another.

22. Look longingly into her eyes when you’re being passionate and intimate.

23. Hold her hand whenever you’re walking in public together.

24. Allow her to pick the movie that you’re about to watch for date night.

25. Let her go on and on talking about a television show or book that she’s really passionate about even though you aren’t familiar with it.

26. Stand up for her whenever someone is disrespecting her.

27. Brag about her to your friends in front of her.

28. Tell her that she’s absolutely beautiful even though she’s only just woken up.

29. Offer to pay for dinner.

30. Make sure that she is always satisfied in bed.

31. Act like a true chivalrous gentleman whenever you’re with her.

32. Apologize to her whenever you screw up even when you don’t think that it’s your fault.

33. Take a lot of time and effort to plan a really nice date every once in a while.

34. Stay up really late at night if she can’t sleep just so you can keep her company.

35. Hug her tightly whenever you’re cuddling with one another in bed.

36. Remember all the little details about her like what brand of makeup she uses or what her favorite flavor of ice cream is.

37. Let her hog majority of the space on the bed.

38. Caress her skin.

39. Go into heavy detail about your day whenever she asks you how you’re doing.

40. Tell her that you love her unconditionally.

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