44 things women love about men

Here are the things that make us go crazy!

There are so many things that drive us crazy. A combination of all these things will make a woman fall for you, hard. Men are complicated creatures; let’s just say they find it hard to understand us. No matter how many clues we leave for them they will always be clueless! Let me write down a few points for you men to follow, they will work wonders for your relationship.

1. We love the combination of your sweat and your perfume it, drives us crazy.

2. We love it when you stare at us as if we were a piece of meat, this behavior is only acceptable if we already love you or have a crush on you. If you are a stranger, and stare at us, we will definitely consider you a pervert.

3. We love it when you tell us that we are beautiful when we feel ugly.

4. We love it when you talk to us with a deep, husky toned voice!

5. We love it when you listen to us when we talk, when you actually pay attention to what we are saying.

6. We are not asking that you do this all the time, but we will really appreciate if you sometimes watch a romantic movie with us.

7. We love it when men are able to take important decisions, there is nothing sexier that a man who has the ability to choose between right and wrong.

8. We love it when you tell us what you wear.

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9. I love it when I am not feeling good and my husband cares for me as if I were a baby.

10. I love it when my husband cooks; it’s rare but extremely hot!

11. When you cannot understand us but try to.

12. When you take us shopping, you don’t have to spend your money, your presence alone will suffice. We have such a hard time deciding what you would like to see us in; it is great help that you tell us directly.

13. I know it’s no big deal but make us a part of your plans, we will never stop you from hanging out with your friends but if you just give us a call and ask. It makes us feel so important

14. A man who picks up his phone. It is very irresponsible for men to not pick up their call.

15. We love it when you charm us with your jokes.

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16. I personally love it, when my husband tells me how a specific gadget works.

17. We love it when your concentrate on your studies or work, very hot.

18. We love to see you in your pants, just pants, nothing else. 

19. We love bearded men, don’t ask us why but they are super sexy!

20. I love it when my husband gets me chocolates during ‘that’ time of the month; you have no idea how frustrating it is for us women to be on our periods, please compromise!

21. I love it when my man sings to me; he isn’t a great singer but it makes my heart melt, when he is sings for me.

22. We love men with clean rides, you could own a Lamborghini Gallardo, and if your car isn’t clean chances we will hate you instantly. 

23. We love it when you initiate the intimate moments and focus on us; friends tell me that sometimes intimacy feels like work instead of enjoyment. Don’t be selfish, learn to give!

24. We love to walk around in your clothes, if you ever find us wearing your shirt chances are you are never getting it back, ever!

25. We love it when you notice us, when we get our hair done, or wear new clothes, it’s very frustrating when we put in so much effort and men fail to acknowledge.

26. We love it when you ignore hot women for us; it really boosts our self-esteem.

27. I love it when my husband helps me around with chores even if he has had a hard day at work. Makes me want to kiss him!

28. I shout at my husband every time he leaves the towel on the bed but secretly I love to tell him not to do it again while I pick it up.

29. A man playing an instrument, any instrument is extremely attractive.

30. We love a man who is mildly possessive, it makes us feel wanted.

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31. I love it when my husband sends me sweet messages during the day; it makes feel that he misses me even when I am not around.

32. We love a man who lets us express ourselves without getting his self-esteem hurt.

33. Men who let women take their own decisions and support them are really worth admiration.

34. We love it when you give us gifts, they don’t have to be expensive, a little scarf will do too. It’s the thought that counts.

35. Some dates are extremely special for us, for the love of God, don’t forget them and try to make those days special for us.

36. We know men are not big on gossip but sometimes play along, please?

37. Universal law, all women love flowers, except if they are allergic to them. Give us flowers often okay?

38. No one is perfect and we have arguments, we all disagree on things but sometimes when we see you trying, makes us want to hug you.

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39. We love men who cuddle! Let the cuddling commence!

40. Women don’t like messy men we love, clean organized ones.

41. Men who are goal oriented are the bomb!

42. We love a man who can drive well, we think if you handle your vehicle like it deserves, you can handle us too!

43. We women like us a piece of Mr. Rebel, you know?

44. They way a man folds up his sleeves is so sexy!

Their literally millions of things a man does that makes us women want them so bad. I think these things matter the most. What do you love in your man? Let me know in the comments below!

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