45 Ways To Be Physically Intimate With Your Woman Without Being Sexual

Physical intimacy is always a very important aspect of actually maintaining a relationship. A lot of couples will make the mistake of growing complacent and allowing the intimacy in their relationship to fade over time. You have to be just as passionate about your partner and your relationship in the depths of your romance as you were when you were only starting out. It’s not just about establishing a level of physical intimacy when you first get together. A lot of it is actually making the conscious choice to consistently build on your intimacy as you grow more and more in love together. 

And what a lot of couples don’t realize is that intimacy doesn’t always have to be sexual. Intimacy is just as much emotional as it is physical. And don’t think that intimacy can only be built with grand romantic gestures. A huge bulk of what makes up a couple’s level of intimacy are the little things that they do for one another on a daily basis. Never disregard the little things. They play a huge role with how your relationship is eventually going to play out.

But if you’re feeling lost and clueless, then this article is for you. Don’t feel bad. Intimacy isn’t necessarily always going to be everyone’s forte. And it wouldn’t hurt you to actually ask for help. That is precisely what this article is for. If you are in need of some ideas that you could tap into to help build the intimacy in your relationship, then make sure to read this list in its entirety. Here are some ways that you can be physically intimate with your partner on a daily basis without necessarily having sex.

1. Play with her hair and push it away from her face.

2. Place your hand on her chin or cheek as you’re kissing her passionately.

3. Give her surprise hugs that she would never see coming.

4. Squeeze her hand tightly whenever she’s feeling cold, uncertain, or afraid.

5. Rest your hand on her lower back whenever you’re sitting beside one another.

6. Grab her hair in the middle of a make-out session.

7. Cuddle with her when you’re lying in bed together.

8. Break into random slow dances with her even when there’s no music around.

9. Hug her and lift her up when you see her after being away from her for a while.

10. Rough house with her and wrestle with her around the house.

11. Let her grab hold of your arm as you walk alongside one another.

12. Let her use your lap as a pillow when you’re lying down on the couch with each other.

13. Giver her random kisses on the forehead

14. Put your arms around her when you’re at the movies.

15. Look at her longingly just before you’re about to kiss.

16. Rest your head on her chest and let her baby you.

17. Rub your thumb against hers as you’re holding hands.

18. Give her back rubs after a long day at work.

19. Take pictures of her when she’s not looking and show them to her after.

20. Comb her hair with your hands.

21. Let her play with your hair in return.

22. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear when you’re out together in a group setting.

23. Let her sit on your lap when there are no other seats available.

24. Offer her your jacket whenever it starts to get too cold.

25. Always let her walk ahead of you if you can’t walk alongside one another.

26. Cook breakfast for her in the morning so that it’s ready even before she wakes up.

27. Let her have a fun night out drinking and be there for her when she gets drunk.

28. Massage her feet.

29. Teach her how to play a musical instrument that you’re good at playing.

30. Let her take as many selfies with you as she wants.

31. Let your hands linger on hers whenever you accidentally come into contact.

32. Help her get out of her clothes.

33. Take long hot baths with her.

34. Gently nudge her whenever she makes you laugh.

35. Kiss her on the neck.

36. Don’t let go of her hand when you’re walking in a crowd.

37. Have tickle fights with her.

38. Wrap her in your arms when you’re bundled up on the couch together.

39. Blow her kisses and wink at her when you’re far away from one another in a crowded room.

40. Gently give her kisses on the shoulder.

41. Let her taste your food at a restaurant by feeding her directly.

42. Take her along with you when you have to run errands.

43. Treat her like one of the guys and give her a high-five when she does something you’re proud of.

44. Rub her arms when you sense she’s feeling cold.

45. Lift her up as you kiss her.


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