5 Bad Relationship Habits That you Need To Break To Keep You From Arguing

Stop fighting, please.

Hey, it happens even to the best of couples. There’s no way to get around the occasional fight, disagreement, or misunderstanding in a relationship. Conflict is inevitable and that’s just a given fact of the world. It’s part of human nature. We are all independent individuals and we all need an outlet to be able to express our individuality. And sometimes, because of our freedom to express ourselves in a relationship, conflicts can arise. Clashes can occur. But that’s perfectly normal. The best couples are always going to be able to find a way to manage their conflict in ways that make their relationships stronger. That’s the key to having strong relationships not letting conflict impede emotional connections and chemistry.

But unfortunately, there are just some couples who don’t know how to manage their conflict productively. They are the kind of couple that other couples avoid hanging out with because they know that a fight could randomly erupt out of nowhere. Perhaps, you might even be guilty of being in this kind of relationship. You find yourself constantly having to walk on eggshells whenever you are around your partner. You approach your conversations as you would having to traverse a minefield; you try your best to be extremely careful because you know that even the slightest comment will be enough to set the other off. Arguments and disagreements can be healthy for a relationship. Once couples are able to overcome these difficult times, they often come out a lot stronger and closer on an emotional level. But everything has its limits. And when couples are just fighting and arguing way too much, it can become counterproductive. It’s not good for couples to always be engaged in constant argumentation. It’s bad for a relationship. It can potentially spark hatred, resentment, bitterness, and distrust between two individuals. That’s why even though the occasional argument is fine, it should never be taken for granted. You can’t be okay with the fact that you and your partner are always fighting. You need to be able to practice all things in moderation. You must always be able to establish a healthy balance in the dynamics of your relationship.

A lot of times, couples will resort to constant arguments as a means to distract themselves from something else in the relationship. For example, some people might be experiencing substantial insecurities and vulnerabilities in their relationships, and so they will try to pick a fight with their partners so as to excuse themselves from really confronting their personal problems. Sometimes, couples are just bored and stuck in ruts, and so they will try to argue with one another just to stir up some drama and excitement in the relationship. This is never an ideal situation because there are just so many better ways to deal with this troubles that don’t involve bickering or fighting. Unnecessary conflict should always be avoided because it solves no problems and it only creates unwanted stress for the couple.

So if you want to stop yourself from being that couple who is constantly fighting about every little thing, then there are some bad habits that you really need to fix. Here are the 5 common bad relationship habits that you need to break if you want to stop fighting all the time:

1. Disengage yourself from the need to constantly win an argument.

Sometimes, you really just have to learn how to pick your spots. You have to understand that not every argument is worth winning. And more importantly, not every argument is worth having. Just learn to let some things slide.

2. Stop taking everything so seriously.

It’s good to take life seriously. It means that you aren’t just messing around. It shows that you’re not willing to just settle for mediocrity. But again, everything must always be done in moderation. Learn to just loosen the notches a little bit. Be a little less uptight and don’t let the little things irritate you so much.

3. Refrain yourselves from lingering on a hot and controversial topic for too long.

Always give yourselves a time limit for your arguments. If you find that after a certain time, you are still unable to come to a resolution regarding a certain topic, then just let it go. It’s bad for you to let arguments linger on for too long. That might be too toxic for your relationship.

4. Learn to swallow your pride and be more apologetic.

Apologize whenever you’re wrong. Don’t be so stubborn as to refuse to admit that you’ve screwed up. That’s just downright childish and unbecoming of a romantic partner.

5. Don’t glue yourselves to a singular spot.

Sometimes, a change of scenery can be enough to alleviate tensions in a relationship. If you feel like a conversation is getting too heated, try going for a walk together and talking things out.

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