5 BIGGEST DON’TS of a relationship – Part 2

If you haven’t read the first "DON’TS" article, read it here. This is a continuation. There are many don’ts of a relationship but here are a few that we believe cause most of the problems in every relationship.В If you are having problems in your relationship, you might want to go through these to get a bit of clarity. Many of these problems might be a root cause for a lot of your small problems, without you two realising it.В So take a minute to go through them. Your relation is worth that much.


As I have been mentioning this fact in a lot of my articles, involving your Ex in any way is not a good idea.
At times, we involve our Ex’s to make our partner a little jealous or at times we compare them with our current partner, either cases we are either harming them or harming ourselves.В But the worst is when we don’t let go off our past and somehow keep in touch with them, knowing that it bothers our partner.
If this contact is bothering your partner then you need to decide, Whom do you want in your life, more?
Your partner or your Ex?


Lying is never a solution to anything. Lying or exaggerating might, often, help you out temporarily but it will cause problems in the long run.В There are two ways lying or exaggerating can cause your relationship much harm. The first is when your lies start to get caught. Even if you had said them with the purest intentions, once they get caught, they are never appreciated. Your partner will slowly start to lose trust and then even if you are telling the truth, they might suspect that you are lying.В The second is, you start to lie so often that you start doing it out of habit. You get so used to it that you even start to lie in important matters.В Telling the truth might hurt temporarily but it will always benefit you in the long run.
It’s the hardest but the right thing to do


Your partner is a person of their own. You met them the way they are and knew their good side and the bad. It is unnatural for your partner to not have anything that irritates you or that angers you.
Nothing in this world is perfect, we have just got to find the kind of imperfections we can put up with.В Those small imperfections make your partner unique and special, don’t try and change them.
It is unfair with your partner if you knew something about them, when you started the relationship but now want to change it.


Having a partner doesn’t mean you have a younger sibling, don’t treat them like you own them. Your partner and their wishes are to be cherished and respected. I have seen many couples falling out of love because they try to control their partners, without even realising, that this very act is pushing them further away from them.В This doesn’t mean that you can’t suggest or guide your partner, you should do it, that’s your duty but let the deciding power stay with your partner.

You can only force your partner to do something for so long. If there is a conflict, try and talk it out. Present the logic behind what you are asking them to do, if they see fit, they will do it themselves.


This might seem small but often causes a lot of problem.В Your partner is someone who wants to be the best in your eyes. For you, they want to be the best.В So make a conscious decision to always admire your partner, Make them feel wanted and appreciated.В Make them feel that there is no one who can ever come close to how they are.В An appreciated partner is a happy partner so don’t hold it in, express your love for them and the things you love about them.

How many of these DON’TS are you guilty of? Talk to me.

All of us have done some or maybe all of the don’ts. What were yours? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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