5 Clear Signs He Is Heartbroken Over You

There’s a common belief that women tend to be more heartbroken than men after a breakup, but that’s not always true. When men experience heartbreak, they often conceal their feelings. People sometimes believe that men don’t get as emotionally involved in relationships as women, but this isn’t accurate.

This article will show you 5 clear signs that indicate a guy is really hurt by the end of the relationship, challenging the idea that guys don’t feel heartbroken.

1. He pleads for a second chance

The clearest sign that a man is really sad about a breakup is when he desperately asks for another chance. When a guy’s heart is broken because of someone, he often begs and pleads with them to come back to him. You can judge how heartbroken he is by how sincere his requests are. If he’s completely over you, he won’t have any reason to beg for another chance. So, if you’re looking for signs that show he’s deeply hurt about the breakup, his asking for a second chance is the most significant one to watch for.

2. He tries to stay in touch with you

Another sign that he still loves you after a breakup is when he tries to maintain contact. Instead of avoiding you, he may want to be friends, even if it’s not necessarily a good idea. If he’s consistently calling or texting, it shows he’s hurting and possibly holding onto hope of reconciliation, even if you were the one who initiated the breakup. This effort to stay in touch indicates he wants to keep a connection with you.

3. On the other hand, he refuses to see you

One sign that you’ve really hurt him is when he goes out of his way to avoid you. If he’s still deeply affected by the breakup, he’ll do everything he can to steer clear of any contact, even if it’s necessary. This is because he knows that seeing you will bring back painful memories he’d rather keep suppressed. He’ll also start avoiding places you used to go together or ones he knows you wanted to visit. If a mutual friend confirms this behavior, it’s a clear indicator that he’s heartbroken over you.

4. He has undergone a personality change

To find out if he’s heartbroken over you, watch for changes in his personality. Unlike women who often change their appearance, men change how they feel inside. Look for subtle signs like him becoming more thoughtful. He might start thinking about past moments and if he made you unhappy. This inner change might even make him want to talk to you again. If you notice a personality shift, especially one that happened after the breakup, it’s a sign that he’s dealing with a broken heart.

5. He tries his best to make you jealous

Jealousy can sometimes show up when we least expect it, and your man might use it as a tactic. Have you noticed him posting pictures with that attractive colleague you didn’t like or always being around people you think he might be interested in? Maybe he coincidentally “bumps into you” when he’s on a date. These are clear attempts to make you feel jealous. He’s likely upset about the breakup and doesn’t know how to handle it, so he’s testing if you still have feelings for him.

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