5 Common Arguments That Couples Have And How To Handle Them

Here are the most common fights that couples have.

Never believe anyone who says that they don’t argue in their relationships. All couples are bound to have their fair share of arguments whether big or small. And that’s okay. It’s okay to admit that you and your partner don’t necessarily see eye to eye on everything. That’s only normal. You are your own people after all. You are still an individual outside of the relationship and you carry with you your own personal set of principles, worldviews, and opinions. And given that you are such a complex creature, it’s only expected that another person’s set of complexities won’t necessarily always align with yours in all fronts. And the strength of a relationship doesn’t really lie in whether or not a couple argues. The strength of a relationship really lies in being able to handle conflicts maturely and constructively.

When caught in a heated emotional conflict with your partner, you must always keep in mind that communication is the best tool for either of you to navigate yourselves back to a place of emotional safety. And with proper communication, no argument is going to be insurmountable. You just have to make sure that you try to keep your emotions in check so that you can communicate your views as constructively as possible. It’s also important that both of you really try to hear one another out. It’s not just about expressing what’s on your mind during an argument. It’s also about trying to see things from your partner’s perspective. It’s about trying your best to understand where they are coming from so that you can gain a better perspective of the situation. At the end of the day, it’s all about managing perspectives. And the more open-minded the both of you are, then the easier it will be for you to find a healthy resolution to your conflict.

Of course, not all arguments are made equal. All conflicts are different and they can all stem from various places in the relationship. And they are all addressed in very distinct and specific manners. So to help you become a better partner in terms of conflict resolution, just read this article in its entirety. Gain a better perspective on common arguments that most couples have and find out just how you can fix them.

1. Contradicting financial philosophies.

Anyone who says that money doesn’t matter in relationships is either lying or completely delusional. You have to remember that part of being an adult in a relationship is also being mature. And you can’t be mature if you don’t know how to handle your finances together.

The fix:

Really take the time to sit down and discuss what your priorities are on a financial level. Talk about what you really need to be spending on and what aspects of your lifestyle you should be cutting back on. You need to save your money if you want a healthy future together.

2. Management of household chores and responsibilities.

If you are looking to have a long-term relationship with one another, it’s ultimately inevitable that you are going to share a home with each other eventually. And when that happens, you must both be up to the challenge of actually maintaining your home together. And this is where conflict can arise.

The fix:

Discuss what your individual strengths are. Talk about your time constraints and the limits that your schedules can have on you as individuals. Once all that is cleared up, then you can talk about what each of you can bring to the table in actually taking care of your home.

3. Conflicting sexual preferences.

Anyone who says that sex isn’t important in a relationship is downright just kidding themselves. Sex is always a very important tool that couples use in building their intimacy with one another. And sometimes, it can also serve as a potential point of conflict when certain needs aren’t being met.

The fix:

Sex is always a give-and-take thing. It’s never going to work when selfishness gets in the way. That’s why it’s important for both of you to discuss your sexual needs and preferences and come to a compromise on how you can best serve one another.

4. Unreconciling schedules and time frames.

Time is incredibly difficult to come by these days. There are too many distractions. There so many things that people want to do with their lives and sometimes, relationships end up suffering for it. This can lead to disappointment and unfulfillment.

The fix:

Come to a compromise on how the both of you can maximize your free time for one another despite your busy schedules. Really make it a point to devote time to each other and to the relationship.

5. Standards of cleanliness and tidiness.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But one man’s treasure can also be another man’s trash. There are so many couples that fight and argue about maintaining cleanliness in a living space.

The fix:

To avoid having unnecessary arguments like this, it’s always just important to try your best to make sure that you don’t upset your partner in anyway. It’s about respecting one another and doing whatever you can to make each other happy.

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