5 Definitive Signs That It’s True Love And 5 Unfortunate Signs That It Isn’t

He loves you. He loves you not. What’s the real deal? The uncertainty can be such an unfortunate weight to bear. It’s generating a lot of anxiety and unwanted stress in your life. You want to be able to feel that sense of security in your relationship. You want to make sure that what you have with this guy is something real that you can really invest yourself in. You hate that he isn’t that much of a communicator. You hate that you aren’t able to tell how he really feels about you and it’s just driving you crazy.

But don’t worry too much about it. There are ways for you to figure out if he’s truly into you or not. You just have to be perceptive and vigilant enough to spot the signs of his genuine affection. There are so many relationships out there that are formed under false pretenses; and that’s why it’s a good idea for you to always stay vigilant. You want to keep yourself protected. You want your heart to stay guarded. You don’t want to allow yourself to become overly attached to a guy who isn’t really willing to do the same for you.

So how can you tell? There are so many guys who can tell you that they love you without really meaning it. It’s so easy for men to utter those three words in a convincing manner – and they can still be really hollow. Well, you can tell how a man truly feels about you by reading into his actions and his habits. Men are more of physical communicators than they are verbal ones. So you better focus on what he’s doing in your relationship as opposed to what he’s spouting out of his mouth.

Love is tricky and it can be different for all couples. We all express and feel love in very unique and distinct ways. But to give you a better idea if the love that your partner has for you is real or not, you can refer to this article. Here are 5 signs that he truly loves you and 5 signs that he doesn’t.

1. He loves you if he opens up to you about the future of your relationship.

This is proof that he doesn’t just see you as a temporary fling. This is proof that he wants something more than what you have now. It shows that he’s really serious about having a long-term relationship with you.

2. He doesn’t love you if he’s still talking about his exes.

He is still hung up on his exes if he’s continually bringing them up in your conversations. He’s probably just using you as some kind of placeholder. He’s probably just using you as a rebound – as a tool to help him move on.

3. He loves you if he makes you a priority in his life.

He really makes sure to make you feel like you are a genuine priority. He doesn’t take you for granted. He knows that in order for things to work out, he’s going to devote time, energy, and attention to your relationship.

4. He doesn’t love you if he refuses to act romantic or intimate with you.

He is withholding of his love. It means that he’s unsure of you. It means that he isn’t completely there yet. Maybe you can win him over. Maybe you won’t. But the fact of the matter is that he still isn’t in love with you.

5. He loves you if he pays attention to the details of your relationship.

He really obsesses over the most intimate aspects of your relationship. He pays attention to the little things because they matter just as much to him as the big things do.

6. He doesn’t love you if he leeches money off you.

He’s using you as a personal ATM. He is using you for the financial benefits but he doesn’t really love you. He only loves what you can buy him.

7. He loves you if he is constantly trying to connect with you.

He doesn’t want to take your initial bond and connection for granted. He knows that the key to making things last is constant effort and resilience.

8. He doesn’t love you if he still flirts with other girls.

He isn’t serious about being with you. He’s still trying to keep his options open and he’s just settling on you for the moment.

9. He loves you if he makes compromises with you.

He shows you that he’s always willing to be selfless whenever it comes to you. He is willing to put your needs above his own. He is willing to meet you halfway if it means being able to make the relationship work.

10. He doesn’t love you if he tries to control how you live your life.

He feels like he has a sense of ownership on how you live your life just because you are in a relationship. He doesn’t love you. He sees you as an object – something that he can possess and use.

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