5 Emotional Wounds That Are Inflicted On Women As a Result of Childhood Trauma

The love of a child’s parents is always going to be important in that child’s upbringing. And society is always going to promote proper parenthood for all kids. But as much as we would want to believe that all parents are going to love their children unconditionally, this is a very clear delusion. Even though kids are always deserving of love, not all parents are going to be so willing to love their kids in the manner that they deserve.

Not all people are going to be mature enough to raise kids. And not all people who have kids might actually be prepared to fulfill the roles and responsibilities that come with adulthood. As rough as it might be to believe, parents aren’t perfect. And a lot of the time, their imperfections can lead to some very poor upbringings for kids. Some parents won’t necessarily be very effective in the way that they would love and guide their kids.

There are some parents who will have substantial weaknesses and emotional baggage that might impair their abilities to be effective guardians for their kids. Some parents might actually struggle with mental health conditions, addictions, personality disorders, and much more.

And as a result, the parents who are unprepared to raise kids aren’t really going to do a very good job in preparing their kids for the treacheries of adulthood. And these kids are left to fend for themselves and acquire skills that are quite difficult to learn. These kids have to learn how to be more sociable, how to handle their feelings in a healthy manner, and how to view a mature and healthy perspective of the world. Kids have to learn how to be decent human beings and have proper morals and ethics.

However, it’s very difficult to acquire these personality traits without having proper guidance and support from an adult. And sometimes, kids can stray down a dark path without their knowing. The results of straying down these paths can be catastrophic. These kids can find themselves in emotionally overwhelming situations that might potentially cause some serious trauma and harm upon them.

And this is especially true for women. In a patriarchal society, it’s much more difficult for a woman to make it out on her own. And she might be carrying a lot of the trauma of her difficulties along with her as she becomes an adult. But the worst part is that the trauma might impact whatever relationships she gets into in the future.

Not a lot of people might think that a child feeling unloved at a young age can have long-lasting effects that carry over into that particular child’s future. But it’s true. Emotional wounds take a very long time to heal especially when they’re left unresolved or unaddressed. That’s why even while they’re adults, women who were unloved as kids can have some serious emotional baggage with them.

1. She will have trust issues.

She is a girl who is going to struggle with trusting the people around her. Not being loved in the past has made her feel hurt and vulnerable. And because of all the pain and vulnerability that she feels, she is going to find it difficult to trust the people she meets.

2. She will have commitment issues.

She is going to deeply struggle with commitment issues. She isn’t really going to want to attach herself towards other people. She doesn’t really know what it means to be able to invest herself in another human being. And it’s all because she never really got to experience love in the past.

3. She will be very fearful and anxious.

A girl who doesn’t feel loved is always going to feel fearful and anxious. She is going to be afraid of taking risks because she doesn’t know how she would cope with failure. She doesn’t know what it means to feel safe and secure as a result of being love. And that’s why she struggles with fear and anxiety a lot.

4. She will struggle with the idea of boundaries.

She isn’t really going to have any idea of how to set or enforce boundaries within a relationship. She is going to have very poor self-esteem. She won’t really know much about her individuality as a result of not being loved as a child. And she wouldn’t really be able to tell if she’s being violated or disrespected.

5. She will have a poor sense of self.

A girl who grew up not being loved by her parents is going to find it really difficult to love herself. She doesn’t know what it means to be loved and appreciated. And so, she won’t really know how to engage in self-love and self-care. She won’t really know how to demand respect and proper treatment from the people around her either.

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