5 Empowering Ways To Get Over A Breakup

It doesn’t end here, you’ll be fine!

Breakups are the absolute worst. They are emotionally tormenting. They are mentally exhausting. But also, for the optimists out there, they can be incredibly liberating. As bad as it can be to go through a breakup with another person, it doesn’t always have to be ALL bad. Remember that it’s always nice to be able to find the good out of any situation no matter how bad things get. Sure, you had your heart ripped out of the chest and crushed to pieces. Yes, you gave your entire life to this relationship and you still ended up with nothing to show for it. You feel like you’re at the bottom of the pit and you need to find your way back up. You feel like you need to rebuild yourself and get your life back on track. So here you are now. You are left with a choice.

You can either choose to make things work by letting this breakup turn you into a terrible person. You can let it paralyze you into pure submission. You can let it take full ownership of your life. Or you can choose to make the most out of a compromising situation by actually empowering yourself. You can see things as an opportunity to start anew. You can see this breakup as a chance for you to refresh your life. It’s always a good decision to make the most out of any situation that you’re in and you should always try your best to take the positive route.

Remember that if you allow yourself to wallow in your own sadness, then you are essentially losing the breakup. You are letting hardship win and that shouldn’t be the case. You should empowering yourself to regain control of the situation. Lost? Don’t know how to do it? Well, here are a few ideas that you could try out:

1. Start living a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

After a breakup, you are probably experiencing a lot of pain, disappointment, and sorrow. It’s always best to take negative emotions like those and channel them into something productive. Instead of allowing these emotions to weigh you down, you can harness their collective energy and turn them on their own heads. Start channeling all of your negative emotions into intense physical activity and your body and mind will actually start to reap the benefits.

Try eating better, healthier food. Start engrossing yourself in a rigorous fitness program. Let the endorphins work on your behalf and let them bring happiness back into your life. Also, you won’t regret what you’re going to end up looking like.

2. Take on more responsibility at your place of work.

When one aspect of your life isn’t working out so well, you can always choose to compensate by over-delivering in other areas. Yes, your love life is in shambles. Your relationship didn’t work out the way that you wanted it to but at this point, it’s beyond your control. Go ahead and start focusing on things that you can actually control like your career. Go to your place of work and start asking for more responsibility. Take this as an opportunity to rebuild your work image and show your superiors that you are worthy of their attention and a raise.

3. Do some volunteer work.

Just because you are down in the dumps right now doesn’t mean that you should be infectious with your sadness. Misery loves company but you shouldn’t be so cruel as to bring others down to where you are. Instead, find an excuse to be a genuinely kinder person in general. Try going to a non-profit organization and volunteer there. Do some charity work and make the lives of other people around you better. Things didn’t work out in your favor but remember you are still in a better position than most other people in life. Count your blessings. Be thankful. And always learn to put things into perspective.

4. Try out a new hobby.

One of the best ways to keep yourself productive while trying to get over a breakup is to immerse yourself in a new hobby. There is a subtle liberation in being able to explore a new and uncharted aspect of life. When you start practicing a new hobby, you are basically equipping yourself with new skills that you will be able to use in life. You are also mentally and physically stimulating yourself into productivity. Learning new hobbies is also a great way for you to practice adaptability and versatility in life.

5. Find yourself a therapist to help you get back to mental soundness.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to go and ask for professional help if you need it. Breakups can be mentally exhausting experiences and they can leave you scarred. If you feel like you need some professional help to work your way through your demons, then go ahead and ask for it.

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