Expert Advice: 5 Habits Every Couple Should Adopt To Make Their Relationship Stronger

We’ve all seen those couples who literally just baffle us with their happiness. The ones that you will see giggling and laughing, hand in hand? It’s like there they’re continually having the best time of their lives everywhere they go. It makes you ask all these questions: seriously, what are they so happy about? Why do I never see them in a different mood? That’s cute but do you guys EVER fight? Because in this age of broken and fraught relationship, it’s kind of strange, not to mention saddening to see couples who live in their own little bubble of joy and friendship, especially when that bubble never pops.

It’s saddening because it makes someone with a not-so-great partner or relationship wonder what it really takes to be that happy with your better half. I mean, who doesn’t want to be satisfied in a relationship like that? If you’re feeling envious of the super happy and crazy in love couple next door, don’t feel too bad about it because no one wants to be in a sad, forced and unstable relationship. Actually, if you look at the bright side, you’re feeling that way because you want a relationship better than this one and believe it or not, that says quite a lot: There’s still hope because you’re willing to try and give your relationship a chance.

So then, what really is the secret behind a relationship where every moment feels like you’ve got wings? It’s nothing short of a serotonin and dopamine-fueled carnival. While there’s not a single person on this planet, who is inherently happy at all times, a happy and prosperous relationship does exist. Here’s the surprise/reality-check/truth-bomb: there is no secret to a happy relationship. That couple you see so over the moon all the time? They have no such codes that you’ll be able to crack. It’s pretty simple. There are some ground rules, some very uncomplicated steps to a romantic connection with your better half and it all honestly comes down to love, effort, patience, and perseverance. Here are those constructive ways you should adapt to build a healthy, happy relationship from scratch, or from right where your relationship is currently at:

1. Rethink the value of a date night:

Do date nights feel like something of the past to you? They’re not as important anymore and you sure as hell don’t have the time for them anymore. Well, sorry to pop your bubble but you’re very wrong. You need to head about with your girlfriend/boyfriend every often to have a special, one on one time together. It’s not even as much of a choice a sit is a necessity. Great date nights bring a lot of positivity and happiness to a relation. You get to deepen your connection and your communication with the one you love. It will make you appreciate them more. Spending a fun time together is something every couple across the age spectrum needs to do. You’re never too old, the relationship has never matured to the point where the of you don’t need to have a good time together. It’s not just about the fun anyway. It’s about keeping things fresh and exciting.

2. Your efforts can make or break the relationship

Are you waiting for things to work out all by themselves? Are you waiting for the connection to blossom without you having put in zero effort? If you’re having issues with your relationship then did you attempt to make it any better lately? You will get what you’re working towards. You can’t sit and expect a night or a day to become crazy fun with your significant other suddenly. Become intentional; plan things out. Plan out a great date night. Step out of your comfort zone and plan a day out doing things you wouldn’t usually do, with them. Things don’t just happen. You have to make them happen. Start making your choices about how you want every day spent with them.

3. Happy couples are friends before anything else:

Happiness and friendship in relationships often or even always go hand in hand. You can’t achieve that ultimate level of greatness, joy, and success in your relationship if you two are not the best of friends. A happy couple will have crazy fun just like a bunch of rowdy friends. The two of you should be entirely capable of stirring up a pillow fight in bed, a hilarious tickling session, and whatnot. It’s going to bring back the charm to your relationship.

4. They love you for your weirdness

You have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night to leave the bed and sleep with your cat on the sofa, and they love you for it. You’re quirky and eat ramen straight out of the packet, uncooked, and sometimes it makes them giggle. You’re super clumsy, and that’s fine by them. Someone who doesn’t just love you for your quirkiness but even joins you in all the weird, unexplainable things you do is someone who will keep you happy.

5. Be adventurous

Don’t say no to an adventure. Go on that roller coaster with them. Go to that music festival. Play hide n seek in the middle of the night. Be unpredictable. Be crazy. Try new things in bed. Try and do as many things as you can together.

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