5 Healthy Texting Habits That Are Good For Your Relationship

At the moment, I’m currently in an open relationship with two different guys. They’re typically the same in some respects and they have their fair share of differences as well. However, I’ve noticed a stark difference in the ways that these two gentlemen text with me.

One is really good and the other is really bad. And that’s when I realized just how important it is to have good texting habits if you’re going to get into a relationship. In any kind of romance, communication is always going to be of the essence. And these days, part of having effective communication is being able to make use of various platforms such as texting.

You have to be able to capitalize on every platform that you might have at your disposal. If you are genuinely interested in building a sense of emotional intimacy, trust, and chemistry in your relationship, then you need to be strengthening the way that you communicate with one another.

The guy I am dating, who happens to be a good texter, is someone who messages me consistently whenever he wakes up in the morning.

If we happen to be in the middle of a conversation and he becomes preoccupied with something, he lets me know that he’s busy so that I don’t get left hanging.

He always asks me how my day is going because he takes pride in checking up on me; in making sure that I’m okay. And he even makes it a point to remember all the little things that I bring up during our random conversations.

He also sends me a lot of funny memes and cute videos or photos that he takes throughout the day just so I get to see the world through his lens.

But most importantly, whenever he makes an effort to text me, it lets me know that he thinks of me even when we’re far apart. And it’s that kind of endearment that is making me lean towards him more. It’s the reason that I also happen to be developing feelings for him as well.

The guy who isn’t so good at texting is someone who I’m quickly becoming more and more disinterested in. He’s really great in person. That’s the reason why I became interested in him in the first place.

Our first date was quite an eventful one. He was very charming and I was quickly enamored. However, the day after our date, he didn’t message me. I thought that that was fine.

Maybe it was too soon. 2 days went by and he still didn’t message me. I finally heard from him again on the 4th day after our date. And even after that, his texts were very sporadic and volatile.

He was never really consistent with me. And to make matters worse, the quality of his texts weren’t very good either. He was always so content with just one-word answers.

He would never engage with me or ask me questions. He resorted to the use of emojis a lot instead of actual words. And to top it all off, he sent me some very provocative messages that included some very graphic images. And I wasn’t having any of that. I wasn’t willing to put up with that kind of texting from a guy.

If you want to be in a healthy relationship with someone, then you need to foster some healthy texting habits. And if you’re curious as to what those might be, then this article is going to be perfect for you. Here are a few healthy texting habits that you need to be incorporating into your own relationship.

1. You refrain from texting obsessively.

You understand that you can’t be texting 24/7. You know your limits and your boundaries. You respect the fact that your partner has a life beyond texting you.

2. You both make an effort to initiate and prolong the conversation.

You both put in the effort to actually talk to one another. Neither of you waits around for the other to send the first message. You don’t let pride get in the way of your texting habits. You don’t concern yourselves over who texts who first.

3. You bring emotional depth to your conversations.

You aren’t afraid of getting really deep with your conversations while you text. You know that this is very much a valid platform for deep conversation.

4. You exude confidence whenever you type.

Yes, you want to be paying a lot of attention to the way that you text one another. However, you don’t want to be overthinking your texts either. Just be natural and confident with expressing your thoughts and opinions to one another.

5. You are consistent with your texting.

And you stay consistent. This is probably the most important part. You always exude reliability and dependability. You aren’t just someone who texts whenever you need something. You stay consistent.

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