Things you get to learn after getting out of a relationship with the wrong person

What have you learned?

Many of us have been with the wrong person in our lives. Some of us have spent maybe several years whereas others probably have spent about a few months before they realize that the person was not the right one for them.

Every process of life is a great learning and one should always believe that our bad experiences are the ones that teach us the greatest lessons. Being with the wrong person doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is bad overall. It may also mean that the person was not just good for you. The bad experience will either make you stronger, sensible, and cautious or it is your choice whether you want that experience to have a negative effect on you. Either ways there is a chance that you learned something really positive from it whether it is a small thing or a big thing.

The five important things that most of us learn by being in a relationship with the wrong person are mentioned below. It isn’t necessary that everybody learns the same things but most of the people who have been in the wrong relationship have learned at least three of these things.

  1. The things that you do not want in your next relationship:

Being with the wrong person can make us realize the things that are absolutely unacceptable for us. When you’re with the wrong person you will get to see the things that annoy you or the things that have made you sad to an extent that you believe you do not want them to be repeated in your life. It would give you a clear idea of what are the things that you would not want to have in your life partner.

This kind of learning will make it easier for you to choose a partner according to your liking and not experiment for several years before finally marrying the right person. If you detect a few habits in the initial stages of meeting a new person and those are the habits which you believe are not acceptable in your life then you would know that you’re not supposed to waste too much time and simply move on.

Some women tend to extend the relationship in order to find all the good and the bad points of their partner but who has time for that? It is better to know what you want and what you don’t so that you fix it, keep it or leave it in the earlier stages because if you do it in the earlier stages that it would hurt less and the more you delay it, it would hurt more. – Continue reading on next page

  1. The things you really want:

You would also realize the things that you have been missing and wanting dearly. Which is why being with the wrong person also makes you realize what you actually want in your next relationship. Suppose you want enough time from your partner or you want the accurate amount of care, then by being with the wrong person you would know that this is the thing that you cannot afford to live without.

If in the next relationship you see that your partner is giving you the right amount of care then you would like to move ahead with the relationship but if the partner is not giving you enough time then you would know instead of wasting time you should just move on. Other than that it would let you make a proper criteria of the things that you want and you do not want.

Of course idealizing something is a bad idea because nobody is perfect but at least knowing what you want and don’t want can sometimes go in your favor.

  1. The things you need to learn to compromise on:

Coming to the point where you need to work on your own self. There are some things which are not acceptable within our own personality and these things may hurt others which is why we may not be the right person for someone else.

If those things are generally wrong or they can be worked on then one should know that these things need to be changed. Of course a relationship can never work without a few compromises and if you believe that there are things you can compromise on then it is better to compromise instead of being stubborn. – Continue reading on next page

  1. Where you have been wrong and where others are wrong:

After a breakup with the wrong person you think about the things on which you guys disagreed with each other’s opinion, this helps you in realizing where you have been wrong and where others have been wrong to you.

It isn’t easy to point out flaws in your own self but if you do then it is better for you and the people around you. Coming out of a relationship with the wrong person can help you realized where you have to raise your voice and defend yourself and where you have to let others defend themselves because you can be wrong as well.

As mentioned earlier that both the parties have to compromise to make a relationship work otherwise it is nothing but a disaster at the end.

  1. How to give yourself the right amount of time and attention:

Being in the wrong relationship helps you in knowing your own value. Whether you believe that you are superior to others or you believe that you are inferior to others, either ways you would get to know your actual value if you are Clairvoyant.

You will need some time to look deep within yourself to realize whether you believe that you’re better than others or you believe that you’re not better than others. This will help you give yourself time and fix all the things within yourself which you do not want to see in others as well. You would get to spend time with your own self to hear your thoughts and your mind.

Of course being with the wrong person can get tiring and getting out of it is yet again a tiring process, so you need to give yourself some time to make yourself better.

Every man and woman experiences different changes after getting out of a relationship with the wrong person, please feel free to share your experiences so that it increases our knowledge as well when it comes to knowing the changes a person may feel after getting out of such a relationship.

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