5 Lessons About Relationships You Wish You Could Have Learned In School

School is great. It’s the place that you go to just so you can make sure that you are prepared for the challenges that you have to face in this life. But how much of what is taught in school can actually help you in the real world? How much knowledge do you feel like you lack from your academic experience – stuff that would usually help you out in your everyday life? School isn’t totally useless. Surely, there are a few things that you have picked up from your time at school that have helped you in your career and professional life.

But there’s probably one aspect of your life where a lot of people would agree that school has failed them – and that’s the romantic life. A lot of us don’t really get lessons in love and dating from our schools. A lot of times when it comes to love and dating, you learn as you go. It’s a trial by fire. And you have to experience substantial heartbreak before you can get things right. You can ask advice from your friends and family, but what do they know, right? They’re trying to figure things out just as much as you. But don’t worry. If you feel like you’re lost in the world of dating and relationships, then this article is perfect for you.

Yes, it’s good for you to learn through experience. But that doesn’t mean that you need to be going into your relationships blindly. It’s nice if you do a little bit of preparation for yourself. You want to be able to familiarize yourself with the world that you’re about to enter. You need to brace yourself for the emotional whirlwind that comes with relationships. Granted, we all have different experiences. And love and relationships can mean so many things to so many different people. But there are just some universal principles that should apply to all relationships. And it would do you best to have a very holistic and profound philosophy of love.

The more you are able to understand what love is supposed to be like, the more appreciative you will be of love once you find it. A lot of us will be luckier than others in love – and that’s fine. It’ll take a little time for some of us to find love; and that’s okay. You shouldn’t rush. What’s important is that you keep these important lessons to heart – so that you are putting yourself in the best position to find love in a healthy manner. Remember that knowledge is power; and the more you know about love, the more prepared you are for it when it comes your way.

1. It’s important that you find love in yourself before you find it in another person.

Not to say that you would never be able to find love unless you first learn to love yourself. But when you fall in love with your own life, you make it so much easier to love you as well.

2. You shouldn’t be limiting yourself to your comfort zone and social circle.

It’s OKAY to talk to strangers – granted, you have to be old and smart enough to spot out the sketchy people from the nice ones. But ultimately, you shouldn’t be afraid of engaging with people you’ve never met before. You shouldn’t be limiting prospective mates to the people you already know; or people who are in some way connected to you. Love can be found anywhere. And a lot of times, it can come from even the most unexpected places.

3. Don’t be afraid to leave a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

It’s not about having companionship in your life – it’s about the quality of companionship that you have. Yes, you might be in a relationship with someone; but if the relationship doesn’t make you happy, then what’s the point? You should never have to settle for being in a relationship that doesn’t make you feel fulfilled or happy. Don’t be afraid to take an exit from relationships that aren’t worth being in.

4. Marriage isn’t something that you can rush into.

Never be impulsive when it comes to marriage. Really take your time with it before you make your decision. Remember that marriage is a big deal; and it’s not a decision that you can make out on a whim. You really need to think about it before you decide on anything.

5. Nothing will ever replace personal face-to-face communication.

Sure, in the advent of communication technology, there are so many ways you can go about communicating with a loved one. Technology has done a really good job of just bridging the literal gap between people. It has done so much for couples who have had to bear the burdens and challenges of being far apart from one another. But at the end of the day, real connections are only ever formed with physical closeness between two human beings.

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