5 Major Signs He Loves You (And 5 Major Signs He Doesn’t Love You)

Sometimes, you’re just completely clueless as to how your man might feel about you. And that might be a problem if you’re thinking about moving your relationship up to the next level.

You want to know how he feels about you so that you gain confidence in investing yourself more into the relationship. However, if you know that he might not be so in love with you after all, at least you are given the chance to manage your expectations better.

It’s all about being able to read him so that you know how what direction your relationship is going and what pace you might be moving as a couple.

If you are completely oblivious to how he feels about you, then you risk setting yourself up for some intense heartbreak and disappointment. And you never want that. You don’t want to be falling in love with someone who could never love you in return. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

But how can you tell how he feels about you? He might not be the most talkative person in the world and that’s why you’re struggling to figure out where he stands with regards to his relationship with you.

Don’t fret. Men might not always be the most vocal people about their feelings and emotions. But there are some very clear signals (and red flags) that can give you a better picture of how he truly feels about you. Here are 5 signs that he really does love and 5 signs that he doesn’t.

5 signs he loves you:

1. He loves you if he goes out of his way for you.

You know that a man is truly in love with you if he goes out of his way to make sure that you are happy and comfortable. That’s because he considers your happiness to be his own happiness as well.

2. He doesn’t love you if he ignores you a lot.

A man would never ignore something that he is deeply and terribly in love with. That’s why it’s never a good sign to a guy who just doesn’t listen to you or even acknowledge your presence.

3. He loves you if he makes you a priority.

You know that a man loves you if he genuinely makes you a priority in his life. It’s not “casual” behavior for a guy to be moving his schedule around just to make sure that he is able to accommodate your needs in the relationship.

4. He doesn’t love you if he doesn’t talk about the future with you.

If a man isn’t talking to you about your future as a couple, it might be because he doesn’t really see one at all. He might think that what you have is something temporary and is eventually going to die anyway.

5. He loves you if he shows you his gratitude and appreciation.

You can always tell that a man loves you if he shows genuine appreciation for everything that you do to him. If you are always made to feel valued and appreciated by a guy, then you know he understands the value you add to his life.

5 signs he doesn’t love you:

1. He doesn’t love you if he makes it all about the sex.

One thing that you really have to know about relationships is that love and sex are not necessarily going to be the same thing. If he makes it seem like he’s only after the sex, then he really doesn’t love you.

2. He loves you if he shows a willingness to compromise.

You know that he really loves you if he shows that he’s willing to meet you halfway. It’s a good sign that he shows a willingness to compromise his needs and desires if it means getting to keep you in his life.

3. He doesn’t love you if he hides you from the world.

If you have a man who is trying to hide you from the rest of the world, then you are probably with someone who doesn’t love you. She should never be shy about showing you off.

4. He loves you if he lets you be your true self.

You know that a man truly loves you if he allows you to be your true and genuine self. He is truly dedicated to just making sure that you always feel comfortable with staying true to who you are. He never makes you feel judged or criticized.

5. He doesn’t love you if he doesn’t trust you.

A romantic relationship is always going to have to be built on a foundation of so many essential principles. And one of the most important of those principles is trust. You are always going to need a man who trusts you and respects you enough to know that you would always do right by him. If he doesn’t trust you, then he’s just not in love with you.


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