5 Mistakes Girls Make While Texting Guys And 5 Things They Should Do Instead

Texting is always going to be an essential facet of trying to get closer to a guy in this modern-day and age. You still want to make sure that your communication skills are on point whenever you try to get closer to someone. And these days, communication means being able to text someone in the right way. However, even though texting is a widespread practice that practically everyone does nowadays, a lot of girls still make certain mistakes that could prove costly to their romantic interests.

You always want to make sure that your texting game is on point so that you don’t end up jeopardizing your own love life. That means you have to stay wary of any costly mistakes that you might be making. That is exactly what this article is going to be for. Here are a few mistakes that you might be making when you’re texting him, and the five things you should be doing instead.

1. Mistake: Sending him the usual “Hey!” message.

If you text him “hey” and nothing else in your message, then you’re essentially the most annoying person on the face of the earth. You’re not giving him anything to work off. That’s why you need to actually give him some ammo to extend your conversation. Don’t be content with merely texting him a random “hey!” out of nowhere.

Instead: Give him a few compliments here and there.

Compliments are great when you’re trying to get closer to a guy. For one, it’s going to help beef up his ego. Two, it’s going to make him feel a lot more comfortable and at ease with you. And three, it tells him that you’re paying attention to his personality and it’s going to make him want to do the same for you.

2. Mistake: Texting him after midnight.

This is fine if the two of you are already deep into a relationship together. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have been long-time lovers. However, if the two of you are still in the phase of getting to know one another, then texting him after midnight might be giving off the wrong message.

Instead: Follow-up on a date.

Instead of just waiting for him to ask you out on dates, be the one who takes the initiative. Show him that you’re active and engaged in the relationship. Let him know that you’re the one who is eager and enthusiastic about the idea of the two of you getting closer together.

3. Mistake: Overdoing it with the emojis.

You never want to be overdoing it with the emojis. Yes, a well-placed emoji can indeed add a lot of life, character, and color to a text message. But you still want your words to be the highlight of the show here. Don’t be flooding your text messages with emojis all of the time. It can be very off-putting.

Instead: Tell him about something interesting that happened to you on that day.

Bring up something interesting that is happening to you in real-time. You want to be able to give him these kinds of updates so that he feels like he’s in the loop. He is always going to want to be a part of your life in some exclusive capacity. This is the way for you to do it. Give him first-hand updates.

4. Mistake: Engaging in sarcasm while texting.

Sarcasm can be perfect if it works out for you. However, it can backfire massively when you’re texting. It’s tough to convey sarcasm through a text message.

Instead: Bring up a funny memory of the two of you.

This is always an excellent way to establish a sense of intimacy and camaraderie between the two of you. When you can show that you have an intimate history by bringing these memories up, then you make him more comfortable with you. Nostalgia can be a potent tool when used correctly.

5. Mistake: Making him wait too long before you reply.

You shouldn’t be playing these kinds of games with him anymore. If you portray yourself as someone who is just too hard to get, then he is going to become disinterested and discouraged. You have to show him that you are just as enthusiastic and as eager as he is about the prospect of the two of you getting together.

Instead: Express an interest in something he loves.

Always try to express a deep interest in the things that he is most passionate about. It’s going to let him know that you care about what makes up his personality as a human being. And it’s going to give you something to really talk about. It’s going to be able to keep him engaged and active in your conversation.

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