5 Mistakes You Should Not Make If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

There are plenty of relationships that end in breakups. It’s unfortunate that this has to be the case. But this is a reality that everyone is going to have to accept about love and relationships. Sometimes, things just don’t turn out the way that you expect them to.

You might meet a person and have a genuine interest in them. You might think that the two of you are meant to be together. You decide to give everything that you can to this person and that they’re definitely worth all of the energy that you devote to them. And for the most part, the relationship goes fine when you’re just starting things out, right?

There is always a lot of excitement when you first start a relationship with someone. You are beginning to get to know this person. And more importantly, you are getting to know what feelings this person is invoking inside of you. And you get really excited at the idea of the two of you turning what you have into something special. And you ride that wave of emotion for as long as you can. But then the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over. You start to really see each other for who you truly are on the inside. You get to get a good glimpse of the relationship’s real personality and it isn’t really the healthiest or strongest one. And when the incompatibility is just too much, then sometimes, couples will have to confront the very real possibility of a breakup. The dysfunction might just reach a point wherein two people will be unable to sustain a relationship together.

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But breakups don’t always go so smoothly either. There are plenty of instances wherein a guy will want to stay with a girl even when she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. What do you do if you’re a man who wants your girl back even after you’ve broken up?

Naturally, it’s going to be a different case for everyone. However, it’s really not all that uncommon for guys to get back with their girls within just a couple of weeks after the breakup.

And there are definitely going to be a few instances wherein things might get really complicated. These complications might make it hard for a guy to win back his girl. Maybe he was abusive towards her. Maybe she was quick to find someone new. Maybe they had a very toxic breakup. In these cases, it can be much more difficult to get a woman back. And it’s not always going to be a sure thing. How quickly you and your ex can get back together really all depends on what your relationship was like. But also, just as importantly, it all depends on the way that you conduct yourself after your breakup. There are certain mistakes that you want to make sure you avoid making if you are interested in winning your woman back.

1. Don’t misunderstand the “no contact” rule.

A lot of the time, you will be told to not engage in any contact with your ex. Sometimes, in the most drastic cases, you will be told to wait for months before you contact them again. But that’s bad advice. Not getting in contact with her sooner is going to worry her and make her feel like the door is really closed on the two of you. And she won’t afraid to move on herself. Don’t wait too long to contact her again.

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2. Don’t beg to be given a second chance.

You can’t beg for her to give you a second chance. You can’t be on your knees and groveling for her to take you back. That isn’t a way to win her back. Remember that people don’t typically want things that they can get so easily. And more importantly, women will respond to strength more than weakness.

3. Don’t be doing things that turn her off.

This should practically be a no-brainer at this point. If you’re interested in winning her back, then you need to make sure that you don’t constantly remind her of why you two broke up in the first place. That means you have got to stop doing things that turn her off to the idea of being with you.

4. Don’t say that you can’t live without this girl.

You are someone who always wants to be exuding strength and independence. Again, she is only going to want to respond to strength and independence. She is going to want a guy who is self-assured. And you need to show her that you’re not getting back with her because you need her – but because you love her.

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5. Don’t try to make her jealous.

This is just a classic ploy that will never work. If you try to make her jealous by telling her that you’re with a new girl, she’s just going to move on from you completely.

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