5 Myths And Facts About Cheating In A Marriage

Cheating in marriage is often seen as the worst thing you can do. When you commit to someone, you’re supposed to be loyal and only with them. However, statistics show that cheating is more common than we think.

Here are some truths and misunderstandings about cheating in marriage that might challenge what you think you know about infidelity.

1. Myth: Affairs always break a marriage

Surprisingly, some people who were cheated on feel like they did something wrong. So, it’s not always true that affairs ruin marriages. Sometimes, if both people understand and forgive each other, it can make their relationship stronger later. In many cases, the person who cheated is forgiven by their partner. But sometimes, it leads to divorce. Divorce is tough, and people worry about what others will think and their kids’ future. That’s why some marriages survive affairs.

Fact: Some relationships manage to recover even when one partner has an affair outside of marriage – it depends on how the people involved feel. A But a recent survey shows that only 16% of relationships survive after one person cheats.

2. Myth : Affairs that break up a marriage last longer and are stronger

When people have affairs and their marriages end, it doesn’t mean they stay committed to the affair. Usually, the excitement of the affair fades, and many people back out when it comes to a serious, open relationship. Guilt, the shame of being labeled an adulterer, and judgment can be tough to handle. So, for an affair to last, it has to be incredibly strong.

Fact: Out of all the couples having an affair, only a tiny 5-7% actually make it work after they’ve separated from their previous partners. If you’re in such a situation, these numbers don’t offer much hope for a successful future together.

3. Myth: Cheating husbands stay married for a long time

Some men can’t help but cheat repeatedly, even when they’re in a committed relationship. Some people think that husbands who cheat secretly stay married for a long time because they try to be overly caring to make up for their guilt. But this idea isn’t true. Having a history of cheating makes it hard to have a healthy relationship. It’s a myth that cheating husbands have long and happy marriages.

Fact: There’s no proof that a boyfriend or husband cheating can make their main relationship better, especially when the cheating is ongoing.

4. Myth: Cheating in a marriage is always caused by sexual attraction

People can start affairs because of both sexual attraction and emotional closeness, not just one. It’s not always about sex; sometimes, it’s about finding emotional fulfillment outside the marriage. When someone feels neglected or unappreciated in their relationship, they might look for a connection elsewhere to feel valued again.

Fact: According to a recent study, 20% of men involved in an affair stated that their primary motivation was to satisfy emotional needs rather than physical desires, while 14% admitted to doing it to gain their partner’s attention.

5. Myth: Your partner won’t stray if your sex life is good

Thinking that a good sex life alone can keep someone committed in a marriage is not true. Sex is important, but it’s not the only reason people cheat. Some people get bored with being monogamous, and even if they try to make their sex life more exciting, they might still want someone else.

Fact: Research indicates that only 20% of men who cheat do so because they are sexually dissatisfied in their marriage. The remaining 80% have various reasons, including emotional emptiness, insecurities, seeking revenge, and more.

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