5 Obvious Signs That Your Man Is Emotionally Cheating On You

When you get cheated on, it’s always a devastating experience. However, not a lot of people realize that cheating can be more than just a physical manifestation of infidelity and unfaithfulness. Sure, when someone cheats on you in the physical sense, it can really hurt. But sometimes, physical infidelity can be easier to recover from.

At least you know there is no emotional attachment there. However, when it’s an emotional betrayal, you know that those kinds of wounds can really cut much deeper. When it is a physical affair, at least it’s possible for it to be just a one-time thing. But if it’s an emotional affair, then that’s something that’s a little more serious. It is a lot easier to forgive physical infidelity when it’s PURELY physical.

Perhaps you find yourself in the position of always thinking about a person you have just met for the first time. Maybe you might see someone as a mere friend but you secretly want an opportunity to take things to the next level. You might have never really acted on your feelings. You might not have kissed that person. You might not have even touched them. However, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to stop thinking about that person. That’s what you call emotional cheating.

And that’s no small deal. It’s always a lot more serious because feelings are involved. If you ever cheat on your partner on an emotional level, you end up breaking their trust. And the one thing you have to know about trust is that once it’s broken, it’s not something you can necessarily repair so easily. Also, emotional cheating isn’t something that has to be intentional. A lot of times, it’s something that is beyond your control. You can be completely unaware of the fact that you’re cheating on your partner even as you’re doing it. It might sneak up on you. You can’t be the one to blame for your heart to have a mind of its own. Sometimes, things just tend to happen.

Whenever you find yourself thinking or fantasizing about another person, you are ultimately destroying your partner’s confidence and self-esteem. They might feel like they aren’t able to provide you with something that you look for in other people. They will end up feeling like they aren’t enough for you. If you think that your partner happens to be emotionally cheating on you, then read the rest of this article. If a lot of the signs here apply to your partner, then they are probably emotionally cheating on you.

1. Your partner has been a lot busier on social media.

Your partner has been on social media a lot lately. And that can be weird especially if they have no history of actually being active on social media. They are constantly engaging in a particular person’s profile and activities. Your partner has been more active when it comes to liking and commenting on a particular person’s posts and photos. And you’re not even including all of the private messaging and banter that might be going on.

2. You feel like you’re constantly chasing after your partner.

You feel like your partner hasn’t really been involved in the relationship as of late. You feel like you are the one who has been doing so much for the relationship. You are constantly chasing after your partner, but you can’t seem to catch them anymore. You don’t seem to be able to grab a hold of their attention for too long and it deeply concerns you.

3. Your partner hasn’t been spending much time with you.

In any kind of relationship, time is always going to be of the essence. You can’t possibly make a relationship work unless both you and your partner spend time to work on it. However, you’ve noticed lately that your partner hasn’t really been devoting as much time to the relationship as usual. It’s worrying that your partner doesn’t seem to prioritize your relationship anymore.

4. Your partner has a new “friend” they talk to all of the time.

You should never bar your partner from having friends outside of your relationship. It’s okay to have social lives outside of one another. However, you should always be concerned that your partner is getting rather intimate or cozy with another person outside of your own relationship. At the end of the day, it’s always okay to demand for full commitment from your partner.

5. Your instincts are telling you that something is off.

You should always be able to pay attention to your gut. Your instincts are there to protect you. They are always on your side. They are trying to warn you about something so that you don’t end up getting your heart broken.

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