5 phone habits that are destroying your relationship and how to get rid of them

This is a very real addiction!

The sudden boom of technology and new gadgets popping out of factories every month, we all have, unknowingly, dedicated most of our time to them.В We are mostly on our phones. Whether it’s about checking emails or sending a message, Facebook or Twitter, It’s all there in this little gadget called a phone.
Gradually, we have let this gadget take over our lives and we pay a toll everyday by losing our relationships, especially, our partners day by day.
Here is how these small things are affecting us and how we can fix them with these simple solutions.


I did this all the time, in fact who doesn’t?В We don’t even realise that we are always holding our phones in our hands. В This naturally makes us respond to every notification/ message etc. immediately which keeps us busy most of the time.В Phones being in our reach 24/7 we use them to often help us avoid conflicts instead of addressing them.В We don’t really put much effort in striking a conversation, if there is an awkward silence between the two partners.В Slowly, we start losing ourselves and our partners to this little gadget.


Dinner tables are conversation tables.В Make a rule, no one should be allowed to check their phones or to bring them to the table.В Dinner is probably one of the times during the day where you and your partner are facing each other and can now work on a good quality time together. Where there is absolutely no interference what so ever. Make the dinner talk only about you and your partner.В Talk about your day and theirs.В Everything that you both can’t see or read on any of the social networking sites.


Don’t let your partner feel left out when you are staring at your screen and laughing. This kind of behaviour makes your partner feel like it is not you but a stranger in the room with them.В You can easily turn this situation in your favour.В Share what you like, with your partner. В Secondly, knowing that more than half of the relationships end due to mistrust, smiling at your phone screen might make your partner feel insecure.
It could give you partner the impression the even though you are present with then\m physically but there is somewhere else where their attention is.

Strike a healthy balance between your working hours and non-working hours.В Make sure you define your working hours and make it a point to establish the fact that you will only be available for work for a fixed period of time. Checking your mail every now and then is, you being unfair to your partner.В Work-life balance is a must and we should be able to define our boundaries.В Don’t let mails and work disturb the time of the day you spend with your family and partner.В This will slowly make you and your part become used to not being there, mentally. В Realise this before it’s too late.


Not every notification is worth replying there and then.В Prioritise your notifications and put the contacts that don’t NEED to be replied to, immediately, on silent. В If you do not prioritise, every little sound that your phones will keep you busy throughout. They are utter distractions, at times we end up giving too much time to things that do not deserve that much attention at that time.В The time you save from here, can be utilised in truly connecting with your partner.

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Has your smartphone somehow taken over your relationship? Did you finally fix it? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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