5 Probable Reasons Why Someone Wouldn’t Want To Be In A Relationship

You can’t force someone to fall in love with you or to get into a relationship with you if they are decidedly not interested in doing so.

Relationships are tricky and it’s downright puzzling that not a lot of people don’t already realize that. Interested in knowing the not-so-secret reason as to why relationships are confusing? It’s because human beings in themselves are confusing. And when you consider that it takes two people to be in a relationship, then it’s double the confusion. It’s hard enough when you’re trying to figure things out about yourself; it gets even harder when you have to figure things out when another person is thrown into the mix. All relationships require two mature individuals to make it work. 

No matter how emotionally invested and prepared one person might be to handle a relationship, if their partner isn’t on the same page, then a relationship is never going to work. So if you manage to find yourself on a string of unsuccessful dating ventures, then you don’t necessarily have to blame yourself. Sometimes, the problems lie with your choice of partner.

You have to understand that sometimes, even if you do all of the things right in a relationship or when you’re dating someone, things aren’t always going to go your way. You could be putting on all the right moves on someone you’re interested in. You could be saying all of the right things to that person. But if they’re not in the proper headspace to be in a relationship, all of your efforts are just going to go to waste. 

You can’t force someone to fall in love with you or to get into a relationship with you if they are decidedly not interested in doing so. The point here is that you are not the only variable that you need to be taking into consideration. You have to know how your prospective mate is feeling about relationships as well. You have to be able to read if they’re ready for dating or not. Otherwise, you risk putting so much effort into something that just isn’t meant to be.

So don’t be discouraged if someone rejects your advances or if your moves don’t work on a particular person. Sometimes, their reasons of rejecting you might not even be about you. It might be because there are some things that they are dealing with themselves that prevent them from getting into relationships with anyone in general. To help ease your mind further, here are some 5 common reasons as to why some people wouldn’t want to get into a relationship with you:

1. They are already in a committed relationship of their own.

Just to get the most obvious out of the way first. The most common reason why a person would reject your romantic advances would be because they are already in a committed relationship of their own. They would never want to be unfaithful to their partners. They would never want to betray their significant others by entertaining you; by allowing you to enter the picture. You might not know when the person you’re trying to make a move on is already in a real relationship with someone else, and if that’s the case, you just have to either move on or wait for them to break up before you actually make your move again.

2. Their career forces them to move around and travel a lot.

Long-distance relationships aren’t tough. Don’t believe it? Just ask people who are in long-distance relationships themselves. They will tell you that it’s going to take a lot of physical, mental, and emotional fortitude to make a long-distance relationship work. And as much as a person would be interested in dating you, their career might just compel them to refuse. If their job requires them to move around a lot, they might find it difficult to actually sustain a relationship with you in the long-run so they might as well not start one.

3. They are dealing with too many stressful things at the moment.

Relationships are going to require a lot of a person’s dedication and commitment. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative for a person who is dealing with too many stressful things at one time to perhaps hold off on getting into relationships. No one would ever want to be put in a position wherein they are biting off more than they can chew.

4. The timing just isn’t right for them.

Timing is everything in a relationship. And if you don’t even know this by now, then you’re probably not ready for a relationship just yet either. Timing is important because you never know when your prospective mate is dealing with some sort of crisis that prevents them from being emotionally available to you. You just have to try again at another time and hope that you get lucky.

5. They know that they aren’t emotionally ready or mature enough to sustain a relationship.

And lastly, there are just a few incredibly self-aware people out there who understand that they themselves aren’t emotionally mature enough to get into a relationship. When they know this, they would just willingly save you the trouble of having to get into a toxic relationship with them by shutting you down even at the start.

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