5 Real Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

This has been a particularly stressful time for a lot of people who are struggling with mental health issues and diseases. There have been so many notable people in the world who have fallen victim to the perils and destruction of depression. People like Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and Chester Bennington had very public bouts with depression and suicide. And these high-profile deaths have only shone even more spotlight on those who are going through difficult mental health issues. As a public, we have been taught that no amount of fame, fortune, or success is going to be enough to guarantee that you won’t become a victim. It’s always important to stay sensitive. Stay aware of destructive tendencies of depression so that you are better able to interact with those who are inflicted with this unfortunate disease.

The sad fact is that there are just so many people these days who are misinformed when it comes to mental health issues like depression. There are so many ignorant people out there who invalidate and downplay the very serious effects of depression and anxiety. There are so many people out there who are doing more harm than good by shaming people who are dealing with depression. It’s always important to further the conversation and make sure that the right messages reach the right people. It’s always best that we are able to educate ourselves on such an important issue like this if we are to make this world a better place to live in.

It’s very much important to establish a healthy dialogue about why people see suicide as a way out and why it’s so rampant nowadays. It is also essential that we are able to destigmatize the kind of pain and suffering that these people are going through. A lot of the times, they can feel very isolated and alone because of unfair judgments that are cast upon them. We must always make it a point to stay mindful of how we conduct ourselves whenever we are around people who are suffering from mental health disorders. We have to be more sensitive and we have to be as open as possible whenever these people actually muster up the courage to reach out for help and assistance.

And all of that starts with understanding. The better you are able to understand why a person would ever want to commit suicide, the better equipped you will be to interact with someone who has suicidal thoughts. It’s a very slippery slope and it’s always important that you refer to the expertise of licensed professionals when you don’t know what to do. However, you also have to be doing your part in making yourself more aware of the issue. Here are a few of the common reasons why people commit suicide and how you can actually help someone who decides to reach out to you about it:

1. They think that their depression is being a burden to others.

They might be feeling guilty at the fact that their depression is not only affecting their own lives but the lives of other people as well. They will not want to serve as a burden to others and that’s why they would rather off themselves than cause problems to the people around them. When this is the case, you have to make sure that this person’s guilt is invalidated. You have to make them feel that they aren’t being a burden on your life.

2. Their pain is more overwhelming than their sense of hope and relief.

They might be experiencing so much pain to the point that it completely overshadows all of the good things that life has to offer. And when that’s the case, it makes the idea of living life so unbearable.

3. They have undergone some serious trauma in the past that they can’t move on from.

There is such a thing as post-traumatic stress disorder. And a terrible memory from the past can leave a significant print on a person’s life. When this is the case, it’s important for someone to address the issues and the feelings involved with that traumatic incident if they are to move on. Most of the time, this requires the professional help of a licensed therapist.

4. They struggle with a severe kind of addiction.

Addiction is always a terrible struggle for anyone to have to go through. Whether it be with drugs, gambling, or alcohol, a lot of people can fall into that hole without any hopes of getting back out. Anyone who is undergoing some kind of addiction should seek professional rehabilitation in order to get better.

5. They go through some serious abuse.

Abuse can be very harmful to a person’s psyche – whether it be the physical or the emotional kind. It’s very much similar to when a person has experienced some kind of trauma in the past. Except, in this case, the abuse is still ongoing. If that’s the case, it’s important to be able to separate that person from the abuser so as to protect them from any further damage.

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