5 Reasons why it’s Futile to Fight for Your Partner’s Love

Sometimes, our feelings for someone else blind us into ignoring the red flags.

The relationship that we struggle so hard for is not even worth the effort and it is just a matter of time before it ends. Following are 5 reasons why it is a waste of time to fight for your partner’s love:

  1. They do not comply with your definition of change:

Had the other person been considerate enough to compromise and mould themselves according to your preference, they would have done it a long time ago. Stretching an elastic band beyond its elastic limit always breaks it and never moulds it.

Waiting for your partner to change is as futile as waiting for the sun to appear at night. The decision for the other person to change is out of your control and is an independent decision on the other person’s part. Do not give up the control of your tolerance level and happiness by bidding on someone else’s lack of will to change.

You might change your own attitude towards their take on life but you can never force them into changing against their will. Do not place your dignity at someone’s feet while waiting for that one impossible miracle to happen.

Try once and then walk away. If they don’t try to stop you or follow you and they don’t agree with your definition of acceptance then it is the time that you realize that it was never worth the effort. You cannot make someone fall in love with you, what you can do though is let go of a toxic relationship and save yourself the emotional baggage.

  1. If not now, then when?:

Think of all the times that they have ruthlessly broken you. Think of all the times that they have stuttered over the word ˜love’. Then ask yourself if it is really worth it to prolong your misery. Surely ending a relationship and letting go of someone who you had once planned a future with is hard but it is better to rip off the band-aid once and for all rather than to drag along the pain.В – Continue reading on next page

No relationship is worth your self-respect and if the relationship is sticking together at the cost of your dignity then it is definitely not worth it. It is better to brave up now and end it rather than wait for misery to pile up in a heap of regret that will pinch you later.

  1. Respect first, love later:

In relationships where there is no respect, even love walks out hands up. Respect is the number one key to make a relationship work. Do not speculate life with a narrow lens there is so much out there in the world other than the two of you.

Once respect leaves and dignity is shattered there is nothing much left to nurture love in the hearts of both the partners and the end of them is inevitable.

  1. It is possible for your partner to be a good person and still be toxic for you:

Just because they are good at heart does not mean that they are the ˜one’ for you. Being good at the core is important but that is not all that is required to make a relationship work. Your partner might seem to be the best catch because you have gotten quite familiar with them over the course of time but that does not mean that their strengths will be enough in the long-term to over shadow their weaknesses. – Continue reading on next page

You need to understand that the worth of your relationship is regardless of the traits of your partner and is more concerned with the way those traits fit in with your traits. If the personalities of both of you clash at some point then it is impractical to think that somehow by magic it is going to work. It is stupid to drag something that is apparently not meant to be.

Do not put up the goodness of your partner on a whole as an excuse to stay. Stay if you want to stay and not because you think it is the right thing to do. Honesty is important and hence you have to face the reality of your relationship and come off clean even if the truth is bitter.

  1. If it is not happening now, it might never:

It is supposed to be spontaneous and natural. Things should take their own course. Love can never be a setup. It is always out of the blue. In love there are no ˜tries’, either it is or it is not. There is just black and white without the space of any grey. Love can never be lukewarm, either it is hot or it is cold.

When it comes to love you should not settle for anything mediocre or less. Love is a want based trait and not a need based trait. It is important to realize where you stand with your partner and if all the efforts that you are making are worth the ado or not.

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